Homophobic attack from Wolverhampton BJJ

Wolverhampton BJJ

Wolverhampton BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu Club), has been caught out trying to defend two men, both Instructors and Coaches at Wolves BJJ club from their dozens of homophobic comments.

Hugh Abercrombie

Instructor Hugh Abercromibe and Coach Darren Valesques (now known to be Darren Hogan) sent sick messages, many originating from the Clubs own Facebook pages.  These included homophobic attacks, malicious comments calling an innocent man (ME) a Paedophile and a ‘kiddy fiddler’, sexual harassment of my wife and then they threatened to hunt me down and kill me.

Another person, Neil Wilkes is trying to use his (limited) legal knowledge to support these two vile trolls and even trying to get them to bring a claim against me for writing this blog, which is letting members of the public know what they have done and by providing the evidence.




Darren Velasques Homophobic attack
Darren Hogan (aka Velasques)

ON TRIAL 20th NOVEMBER 2017 for Harassment and Malicious Communications

Darren Hogan (aka Valesques) a coach at Wolves BJJ and who has won competitions for MMA fighting made disgusting accusations, under the name of the Wolverhampton BJJ club page, making a sick malicious allegation that I ‘looked up’ his children simply because I said “I hope your kids are proud of their Dad“.  This then led to him and Hugh calling me a paedophile and a kiddy fiddler on their Facebook pages.

Any comments I made defending myself on Darren Hogans (aka Valesques) Facebook page was quickly deleted by Darren to ensure maximum impact of his derogatory comments.



The Wolverhampton BJJ Club owner is Pat Abercrombie.  She gave her son, Hugh Abercrombie, a telling off in public but left it at that. She did allegedly make him go to the Police station knowing full well he had committed a criminal offence, all Hugh did on this visit is try to bring charged against his victim!



As Hugh Abercrombie is associated with Police (he calls them ‘his guys‘), I doubt that the visit was any more than a chat and a laugh with mates.

I will be adding to this page, there are hundreds of screenshots that will be posted.

While Wolverhampton BJJ retains these two hate-filled trolls as Instructors and Coaches in their BJJ Club, then I believe the Club condones the things they have said, on the BJJ Club associated Facebook Page.


Hugh Abercrombie continued as per the screenshots below.


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