Neil Wilkes Anti Police but Double Standards

Neil Wilkes is another person associated to the homophobic attacks I received (click here to read about them).

Neil Wilkes has made lots of malicious comments including homophobic comments as well as giving unqualified and stupid ‘legal‘ advice.  He has been advising the homophobic trolls that their comments do not amount to a crime!  He is guiding them on what he thinks they can get away with and also offering them legal advice for civil action against me, the victim of the homophobic abuse!

Neil Wilkes, is a known Police hater.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my own issues with Police after been assaulted by them, this is how I was made aware of Neil, but I only have issues with the bad Police officers.  (We all have an opinion how many of them are bad)

Neil Wilkes would have you believe he fights Police wrongdoing, but in fact he appears to hate ALL Police and encourages anyone to take criminal legal action ‘privately’ avoiding Police & CPS via a Private Prosecution.  What he does not tell you is that, running your own private case through to trial is complicated, and a half decent solicitor will run rings round you, unless you have a water tight and simple case.

Private prosecutions are the last resort to getting criminal justice.

Unfortunately, a lot of People with genuine Police issues, listen to his drivel as, victims of Police misconduct are often turned away from justice, and therefore on many occasions, led astray.  Private Prosecutions are possible, that is very true, but only used normally (in rare occasions) when the judicial process has failed you or CPS do not charge for something not in the public interest, NOT as an alternative to the normal justice route.  This is pretty poor and stupid advice.

Neil Wilkes now believes a private prosecution is ‘totally private’ and does not understand the phrase private prosecution means a prosecution taken by a private individual.  The prosecution is still public,  the ‘private’ element of this is that it is not taken by the crown to a public court, but taken by a private individual to a public court.  There is nothing private about it.  The police officers being privately prosecuted, are still  likely to be supported by the police federation and the public purse for their legal costs.


He and his friend George Vella are keen to ‘score points!‘.  They want people in their Facebook group to take out Private Prosecutions so their Facebook ‘group’ gets members with results.  George Vella recently posted to his anti police group that he was “the only person to have taken out and won a private prosecution and won!”. (to his knowledge) see below!

What a fool, private prosecutions have been available for years and 1,000’s have been successful.  Very few go unpublished though, maybe this is why Mr Vella thinks he is some kind of hero!

A quick google search found this Private prosecution example so, Mr Vella is blowing his own trumpet to a sea of lemmings.  In the interest of the public, all glaring idiotic comments will be re-published.

Click to enlarge

Now George Vella backpedals after first saying he was the only one to have taken a private prosecution and won, this is his response.  Say he never said he was the firs…. No, George Vella said he was “the only person to bring a private prosecution and win.”

Click to enlarge










What they are doing (George and Neil) , is using members for their own gain, like expendable pawns in a game of chess.  They do not tell you about the vast number of members who have taken their advice and lost, some with custodial sentences!

Neil has now sent threatening Private messages to my family, ironically saying I am harassing him for this page and that it is ‘Slander’.   I would have though all his so called ‘legal knowledge‘  he would have know slander is verbal, and absolutely NO verbal exchange took place!  I think maybe the dim witted legal plonka means ‘libel’ which is WRITTEN (untrue) defamation.  Check his friend George Vella out trying the interpret the law on his page, click here.  It is quite comical albeit very dangerous to anyone taking his advice!

I have no problem with ‘lay people’ studying the law and using online resources to help themselves and others (this is what I do), but these two simpletons are giving advice out which is plainly wrong and will lead some people into financial loss or worse!

So, on the assumption that Neil Miggsy Wilkes actually means libel (not slander), well, it is only defamation, if what has been written/spoken is untrue, and I have evidence to prove everything, so I guess that clears that up.

A quick google on the subject clarifies that Neil does not understand Defamation law.

The harassment allegation.  Well, for record, Neil has participated in the online abuse against ME, now that is harassment, by that, I mean it causes me harassment, alarm and distress.

Neil Wilkes and his so called ‘friends’ have called me a paedophile (Malicious Communications Act as it is grossly offensive), threatened to kill me (Threats to Kill), said I was raped by my father (more Malicious communications), called me a faggot (hate incident), called me a cock jockey (another hate incident), made unwanted sexual comments to my wife (sexual harassment) the list goes on.

Now that I decided to publish THEIR hate campaign, which they now comically say is harassment.  Awww, poor bullies don’t like it when victims STAND UP AGAINST THEM!.   They expected me to just sit back and take their abuse.

What Neil and his alleged ‘knowledge of the law‘ does not understand, sending unsolicited threatening messages to my family about me, constitutes harassment causing them (my family) HARASSMENT, ALARM & DISTRESS which, will not go unrecorded.

What you will notice is, Neil is doing this ‘collectively’ as a group?  An interesting concept!

This is the message Neil Wilkes thought necessary to send to MY FAMILY at 3:18am.

neil wilkes threats




This is Darren Valesques, Neil’s Miggsy Wilkes’s homophobic friend who Neil is providing ‘backstreet’ legal advice to.  Darren Valesques is referring to me in this homophobic post as ‘a faggot lol’.



Hugh Abercrombie is Neil’s friend. After Darren jumped in with homophobic posts, Hugh waded in with his own homophobic slurs.  Like a typical bully, Hugh needed backup first.



Darren Velasques again with homophobic slurs.



In this next screen shot, Hugh Abercrombie says he didn’t make any ‘homo’ comment.  See his post above where he said… “some gay guy called Paul…“, err, what is that then?

Hugh Abercrombie refers to Police officers as ‘my own guys…” ahh, friends in the Police?

Darren Velasques implies that CRB checks do not matter a Wolverhampton BJJ. That is very worrying as kids train there!

Darren  Velasques asks me homophobic question. Why the need to ask that?




Now here is Hugh saying he on used only one homophobic slur.  He is almost implying that calling it once is okay?.





Hugh Abercrombie making ‘Homo’ comments (as he puts it) in has last comment saying ‘I didn’t make any homo comment, learn to read you prick“.  This appears very homophobic to me!



Neil Miggsy Wilkes infers that I should send a ‘pic of my cock’ in a homophobic slur.


Darren Velasques now trying to back peddle now. A typical bully trait once confronted).  He tries to Imply that the fact I am ‘straight’ means its okay to be homophobic.


Remember when Hugh Abercrombie said he did not write anything homophobic?  Hugh now states ‘Tim hates butt pirates‘, a homophobic slur against me.


Hugh brings up my children now implying then may be unsafe with me looking after them? quite malicious.


Hugh Abercrombie, I am sure I remember he said he did not write anything homophobic?  Hugh states ‘Mans a cock Jockey’, another homophobic slur against me.


Darren Valaesques accuse me of having a serious offence alleged, this is malicious intent.  He says I was looking up his child!

Darren Valesques then makes an accusation that my wife and I are committing crimes together… haha




This was published on Neil’s friends wall, the same friend he is encouraging.

Neil also posted the following, publicly to Hugh Abercrombie, on Wolverhampton BJJ Facebook page.  Hugh is the very man who called ME a paedophile and a kiddy fiddler, who also threatened to hunt me down and kill me, this is what Neil said to him…
He is basically giving LEGAL ADVICE to a man who has openly committed hate crimes, harassment, malicious communication and threats to kill.  His advice is against ME, someone who has been the brunt of police brutality and wrongdoing for 3 years.  Neil is attacking ME be helping him.  Nice one Neil, I am sure your group will think highly of you for that!
Neil Miggsy Wilkes harassment



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