UPDATED November 2017: Wolverhampton BJJ post malicious comments

Wolverhampton BJJ

UPDATE 20/11/2017
Darren HOGAN (aka Darren Velasques) pleaded GUILTY to Harassment, he was sentenced as follows:

  • To be subject to a  Community Order until 19/08/2018
  • To participate in Rehabilitation Activity Requirements for 10 days
  • Fined £80
  • Ordered to pay Court costs of a total of £485

A Restraining order has been made until 19/11/2018 with the following terms:

  • Not to contact <his victims> directly or indirectly by any means including social media or other internet communications media.
  • Not to post information concerning <his victims>  on any social or internet media.

It was alleged he breached the restraining order within 20 minutes.

UPDATE 6/7/2017
Darren HOGAN (aka Darren Velasques) is due to attend Trial in Wolverhampton Magistrates Court on the 20th November 2017 at 10am. This is a public hearing.

UPDATE 5/6/2017
Hugh ABERCROMBIE was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months.  60 hours unpaid work and a 7 year restraining order on his victims.  

UPDATE 6/7/2017
Darren HOGAN (aka Darren Velasques) case has been put on hold pending investigation into further charges and another potential defendant.

UPDATE 1/6/2017
Hugh ABERCROMBIE pleased GUILTY to Malicious Communications and will be sentenced on the 26th June 2017.

UPDATE 4/5/2017

Hugh Abercrombie will be entering his plea (guilty / not guilty) in Wolverhampton Crown Court 1/6/2017.

UPDATE 17/4/2017:


The Court date is set for 04/05/2017 at WALSALL & ALDRIDGE MAGISTRATES COURT.


Even after being charged, ABERCROMBIE is still unable to to stop interfering in my life!
He cannot comprehend why I have issues with ‘a’ Police informer. What is more confusing is why he believes he needs to understand or be involved in my life.  Just to make it clear though. I have no issues with police informers. I do have issues with police officers who protect police informers who attack my family.  I do not hate police, I do hate corrupt police.    I am not a police informer no more that you are.  I am not paid for information, I do not give information for favours.  Any one who reports crimes committed against themselves is not a police informer, what an idiot.

Even after reporting Wolverhampton BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu) to the Police for hate crimes (read here) they continue to post on their review section of their Facebook Page, Malicious comments about me, the victim.


This statement was written by Wolverhampton BJJ. The comments are lies as I outline afterwards. All evidence is with police.

Wolverhampton BJJ Malicious Rumours


  1. Wolverhampton BJJ stated that I went after “one of their youngsters”

This is an utter lie and I can prove 100% as I have the screenshots.  Hugh Abercrombie and Darren Valesques both started throwing homophobic comments at me.  I accused them of homophobia, to which another person (Jake Wilde) decided to jump in and comment.

Jake stated that he was a coach at their club and inferred that he was homosexual and that he had not witnessed any homophobic comments in the club.  (screen shot below)

THAT WAS IT  That is why they accuse ME of going after one of their youngsters, because I replied to a comment from someone!

Just because it transpired that the person who replied to my comment was a 16 year old does NOT mean I went after one of their youngsters and I am certainly entitled to reply. As you will see above, my comment was in response to Jake Wilde, I never went after anyone!  The Club are clearly lacking brain cells from all that bashing, or they are trying to intentional falsify accusations against me!

2. Wolverhampton BJJ stated that I  “took an interest in Darrens [valesques] child”

More rubbish.  After Darren Valesques started making homophobic comments against me and threatening me, I said, in the public forum that, “I hope your kids are proud of their Dad“.  This is the reason Darren said I took an interest in his child!


3. Wolves BJJ stated that I  “have a hatred for the Police”

No, it is a hatred for police corruption. I have issues with the Police, not sure what that has to do with me reporting hate crimes, death threats, malicious communications and sexual harassment of my wife.

4. Wolves BJJ stated that I  “They threatened me” (proof they believe it was a threat) “because I went after one of their young boys

More stupidity. As per point 1. above. I never went after one of their boys, what a pathetic thing to say. I simply replied to a comment he made on a Facebook page conversation.  That and the fact he is 16, he ain’t a toddler!  Proof though that they did threaten me (they threatened to “hunt me down and kill me“).

5.  Wolves BJJ stated that I  “I am a baiter”

Ha ha, really.  They are forgetting that I was on a Facebook page minding my own business, discussing with others about legal issues with a CCTV recording on YouTube.  Then Hugh Abercrombie  joined the conversation and started trolling everyone.  I called him out and he sent me a PM, telling me he was a TROLL and doing it to wind every one up, even asking me to join him.  I reported him to the page so others knew he was a troll.  Hugh then called in Darren Valesques to ‘help him out‘ (Bullies do not like working alone) Darren Valesques then started trolling further, throwing homophobic comments. Now, remind my BJJ, who here is the Baiter?

6. Wolves BJJ stated that I  “I have been accused of awful things”

Yes, it is true Wolverhampton BJJ, you are not the only sick and evil trolls out there.  I sacked someone so he decided to call me a paedophile in revenge for sacking him!  You are as low as him for suggesting the same sick accusation, you posted it on your Facebook walls and that is MALICIOUS.

It is well documented here, if only you have the fucking brains to read before spreading harmful rumours!


first Published on: Nov 17, 2016 @ 16:53
Updated on: Apr 17, 2017 @ 15:00


    • This looks very much like a threat to me!
      You IP is logged and is a Wolverhampton location.
      I suspect your email (genghisuk85@gmail.com) is fake but also provided as evidence to police.

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