George Vella continues his vendetta

George Vella who claims to be harassed alarmed and distressed, has posted another harassing comment and another malicious link.

George loves advising people to do private prosecutions but fails to tell his followers about the rules of disclosure, duty of candour and improper motives.  Or that fact you must be totally honest with the presiding judge at the application as, this will bite you on the bum. lol.

George Viella, the self proclaimed specialist in law, even preached to a district judge the rules of law!  George went on to tell a district judge that his friend teaches law in what appeared to be an attempt by Vella to bring the judge up to speed on the law. The judge seemed very thankful for George Vella to put him in his place.

George knows that CPS have no involvement in the applications of private prosecutions and even though there has, in fact, been no summons issued, George happily and maliciously stated for the second time that CPS approved an application.  wtf… this guy is a fruitcake!

George is publishing this shit even after a district judge told George Vella in very ‘simple‘ terms (so George could understand) that CPS have no involvement.  This was after George got in a rant about threatening to get a restraining order on the CPS.

George yet again spouts bullshit about what ‘he says’ a judge told Hugh Abercrombie  Not that George was even there.  For about the 1,000’s time you silly old man, read what Hugh said, he says you blackmailed him to force him to report someone for something I they did not do to try to get them convicted.  And you wonder why you are referred to as a vile old man!

George Vella claims he is summonsing a man to give evidence, a man he referred to as ‘Mr Failure‘ in front of a district judge.  Really, ffs, he is making himself look an utter fool.  Does he really think he  can summons anyone he feels just because he wants to!  Who the fuck does he think he is?  Even if he did summons him, does he really think he has good words to say about him after what Vella published about his wife….  which we expect to be in the schedule of unused material 🙂

George also claims that a ‘secret’ police operation was accidentally emailed to him although he and others have declared their involvement in it.  Well, that’s another potential data breach in the pipeline against Lancashire.  This email needs to be in the unused material 🙂

Georges partner in all this will have to produce, in his unused material, this message he sent to me or the comments from a while back calling his victim a kiddy fiddler…!

And if it gets to a bundle, CPS will look at it and then recover everything the police have and their unused material as well which should be very interesting…

We are itching to see the schedule of unused material. lol

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