Lonely old man at Christmas time

What a fantastic Christmas day we had with family, included our extended families. We had more than a dozen people over for Christmas dinner.

Sad to say, I noticed some sad old cunt was thinking of me Christmas day, so much so, the sad old cunt even posts pathetic comments about me while he spent Christmas alone with a can of Fosters!

We do actually feel sorry for him in some ways.  He is such a bitter twisted old man who actually believes he, and his sad little life, has any impact on such a strong family such as ours. He is a fucking joke.

Grow up old man… get a life.

You do realise that the more you post, the more we will post and there will be far more detrimental information available shortly which you are well aware of.  do you really want this to go on?

Your followers only support you as they only hear one side, when they hear the truth, your sad little world will crumble.