There are many misconceptions about this website.

This website is not owned by anyone per se.

It is accessible via a trust ladder style method.  this being that if you make regular comments using your genuine email address and your comments add to to the site content,  then you can have (if you ask) limited access to publish your own articles.  They will be moderated initially.

Once you have made numerous articles that are genuine (even if not published), you may be granted access to publish your own articles.  This means they are not moderated.  If they are unsuitable, they will be pulled at some point or edited.

Those that communicate actively with the team will have editor rights to all articles to correct, edit, enhance, etc any article.  Think of this as like a mini Wikipedia.

Moderators can invite anyone they want to be a contributor so if you know a mod, just ask.

Please only post FACT on this website.  We do not post bullshit, we expose people and organisations but everything must be factual.