George Vella continues to harass, now warned by the police

George Vella, a known internet troll from Bedfordshire, has a track record of being accused of harassing others.

Vella employs a variety of methods to intimidate his targets. In the past, he went as far as establishing an entire website aimed at an individual and his family, which led to him receiving a private prosecution summons for Malicious Communications. More recently, Vella is active on his public Facebook page (see here).

On January 20th, 2024, Vella made a menacing post on his public Facebook wall directed at a vulnerable woman living alone with her two young children. In a despicable move, he threatened to disclose private text messages and emails, even hinting at compiling this sensitive information into a book, as he mentioned having an ISBN (a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products).

Vella also claimed that he was invited for a face-to-face meeting with the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service). He provided no detail at all as to why he made such a random comment, but the comment raises questions since the CPS represent the police and the state, not private individuals.

Vella concluded his veiled threat by stating his intention to release a video of the woman, a sinister move clearly aimed at causing further distress and anxiety as he identified his victim in the post.

Understandably, the deeply troubled victim reported this harassment to the police, leading to Bedfordshire police calling Mr. Vella and warning him about his actions. Vella, (known for being argumentative), is believed to have even threatened legal action against the police officer who contacted him.

The next day, after being cautioned about his behavior, Vella deleted his offensive post, only to replace it with another message that read:

If you are offended by this wall please fuck off as if you show anyone something from this wall you have offended them not me.

Vella, a pensioner claiming to suffer from multiple disabilities, including near blindness, continues to post his inflammatory messages on Facebook. He seems to believe he has a right to name and threaten a vulnerable female publicly and insists that if his actions offend her, she should simply ‘fuck off’

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2 months ago

Wren will you update everyone about the civil case and 2 prosecutuons it were in court with this week?