Rob Ware is sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for multi-million-pound property fraud

Many victims will be celebrating this weekend after hearing that Rob Ware and his right-hand man, Graham Wortley, were sentenced to 8 years (Ware) and 6 years (Wortley) in custody for conspiracy to defraud.

Rob Ware attended the sentencing hearing, held at Liverpool Crown Court (room 4-5) on 20th October 2023 at 2:15pm, via Video Link as he had been on remand since being found guilty, whereas Wortley attended in person.

Judge David Potter said:

Between 2014 and 2017, you Robert Ware assisted by your right hand man Graham Wortley engaged in a sophisticated mortgage fraud to defraud corporate lenders. I accept this venture was not motivated out of pure personal greed. The Ware Group had become hopelessly overstretched which drained the group of liquidity. But you, Robert Ware, were driven by ego, ambition and recklessness to acquire more property, and to use your existing portfolio as a cash machine to acquire more costly loans to acquire more (properties)

Wortley may well be pleased with his 6-year sentence after showing 8 fingers to his family (by hand gestures behind his back), presumed to be his belief that he would get an 8-year sentence.

Caroline Goodwin, representing Wortley, said her client had been “lured” into the fraud operation as a way of dealing with spiralling debt.

She said:

Here is a man now approaching his 60th birthday who hitherto has been an honest man and has worked hard. He has four children and a grandchild. He has supported them through thick and thin his whole life. This is a significant fall from grace. It’s a humiliating end for him to find himself sitting in the dock.

Both men were told they are to serve 50% of their sentence in custody and the remainder of their sentence to be served on license.

They were both banned from being Company directors for 10 years.

An application under POCA (the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002) is understood to be in consideration to recover assets.

Judge Potter described Rob Ware as a man of previous good character, ironic considering the wake of destruction he has left for other victims who are still seeking justice.

Rob Ware is also alleged to have physically abused a previous partner and, as we have published, threatened to ‘bite the nose off‘ of another victim. (Audio below)

At least 3 of Rob Ware’s victims were present at the hearing, as well as two members of the jury who wished to watch the sentencing.

Rob Ware’s partner (and some would say ‘in crime’), Samantha Moran, did not attend the sentencing hearing. Graham Wortley was accompanied by his family, who were notably upset.

The full article is covered on the Liverpool Echo website here

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Rave on
Rave on
5 months ago

GW was quite clearly lured into it but at the end of the day hes a grown man who can make his own decisions

From what i remember RW has never been a good man. Was a nasty bully who hung his friends and work colleagues out to dry for a quick buck

Both got what they deserved

5 months ago
3 months ago

Anyone know how hes doing inside?