The team behind convicted fraudster Rob Ware

This article provides information about the people that have surrounded Rob Ware over the past decade or so.

Rob Ware and Graham Wortley were both convicted of fraud (read here), and this fraud revolved around several Ltd companies and properties.

There is no allegation of any criminality of anyone listed on this page (unless specifically mentioned). This page only lists people who are or have been linked to either, Rob Ware, Graham Wortly or any of the associated Ltd companies or properties.

This page is evolving and will be updated as and when further information is added. Anyone mentioned can contact us to give their comments to be published if they want.

Page Last Edited – 25/10/2023 @ 11:50


Jonathan Gorman

Jonathan Gorman was charged alongside Rob Ware and Graham Wortly for Conspiracy to commit fraud but was acquitted by a jury trial.

Gorman was struck off by the SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority) for conduct-related matters at EAD Solicitors, who have since ceased trading due to Gorman and Rob Ware. Read more about this here. Unfortunately, this critical fact was not disclosed at the trial to the jury and may have resulted in a different verdict for Gorman. It is understood that other legal action against Gorman is underway.

Samantha Moran

The altered photo is assumed to be Samantha Moran (provided by reader)

Samantha Moran is Rob Ware’s current partner and is believed to still reside at Rob Ware’s Mill Lane address. There are still allegations floating around that Samantha Moran is still retaining deposits etc.

Samantha Moran appears to be selling off Rob Wares assets on Facebook (ironically now deleted since being made public)

Further information to follow.


Samantha Hunter

Samantha Hunter, Director of Warehouse Lifestyle Living NW Ltd

Around 2016/2017, Samantha Hunter was the sole director for a Company owned by Rob Ware. Samantha Hunter sought the supply of telecom services on behalf of Rob Ware for one of Rob Ware’s many fraudulent companies, WAREHOUSE LIFESTYLE LIVING NW LTD.

Samantha, who is now Head of UK Residential Legal Indemnity, purchased telecom and internet services for several properties owned by Rob Ware (including those at Duke Street, Liverpool).

A civil action was brought against Samantha Hunter for failure to pay £836.26, resulting in a default judgment as she ignored the letter before claim and the communication from the Courts leading to a default judgment being made against her.

Samantha failed to pay the default judgment, so debt collectors were instructed and located her in the Norwich area and collected the debt.

Letter Before Claim


Sally Stanway

Sally Anne Stanway, now working at JMW Solicitors, was a co-director of Companies, that Rob Ware was also a company director.


Sally was appointed as a Director on 4th April 2017, the very same day that Rob Ware resigned as a director.


Sally was appointed as a Director on 18th Jan 2021, the very same day that Anne-Marie Wortley resigned as a director.

Sally is believed to be a previous partner of Rob Ware (awaiting validation) and uses/used “14 Old Mill Lane, Wavertree, Liverpool, England, L15 8LN“, which is an address associated with Rob Ware as her own correspondence address on Companies House.

Several other notable people are (or were) directors of the above companies, including Rob Ware (convicted fraudster), and Anne-Marie Wortley, (the wife of convicted fraudster Graham Wortley) and David Yemiesibo Derefaka.


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8 months ago

Samantha moran

8 months ago

Moran still at Old Mill Lane scamming decent tenants…she’s there every day. We’ve watched her, as have Court claim pending Bailiff. She’s actually working there/living there if anyone needs money back! We’ve appointed Bailiffs now and update them regularly on her presence. Her Facebook page has today been deleted by coincidence, so she obviously reads this article. Hope everyone owed money frogmarch to OML to catch her, as she’s the front woman still scamming on his behalf. We watch with interest! How can she expect to rent to us, take our money, then do same to another set of tenants… Read more »

8 months ago

Firstly well done to barman for his relentlessness in keeping this relevant. I worked for Ware construction and was owed thousands for work my firm done for them, this caused so much stress my relationship ended and my 15 year business went under. 8 years isn’t enough as he’ll probably be in a holiday camp after a year and there are others who were around Rob from 2015-2017 when the fraud was taking place who should be accountable -Glynn Barr his money man and Rob’s protege Chris Rigby who continued building together under the Blank Page Developments ( Carrie Barr… Read more »

Previous Tennant
Previous Tennant
8 months ago

All the Mill Lane companies that issued leases were under the directorship of either David Derefaka or David Bowers. Which curiously enough, when corresponding with both of those two AND Rob, it just so happened to have the same IP addresses under 4 different email addresses. It was very obvious Rob was impersonating David Derefaka and David Bowers as the same baffling and nonsensical legal jargon was apparent through out. Also both David’s were strangely complimentary to how great a character Rob was! Mad that. David’s brother, IK Derefaka was also on the Mill Lane property with Rob quite a… Read more »

8 months ago

She’s re activated her selling page again!!!

Former employee of blank page
Former employee of blank page
7 months ago

Glyn Barr the scamming fooker blank page popped up out of nowhere with decent m&e contracts no idea how he got the funds to run it but ended up telling his 20+ lads in the December that they could get half of their wages owed on the day if they agreed or not get anything at all. Bumped all his subbies too but people found out he took 300k supposedly out of the company paid two mortgages off and bought the Baltimore bar in the city centre . Makes out he’s a good guy but he’s a little worm anybody… Read more »

5 months ago

Anyone seen the news about Abensons Solicitors on Allerton Road? They specialise in conveyancing…
I’m wondering if might be connected somehow.
Closed with immediate effect due to suspected “dishonesty”