George Vella and Neil Wilkes lose £1,148.61 for refusing to pay an £800 High Court Order

George Vella – Bedfordshire

After George Vella and Neil Wilkes vowed, “you will never get a penny from me“, they have been left red-faced and out of pocket of £1,148.61, which includes the original debt, debt collection costs, the High Court Writ of Execution costs, the interest and also the High Court application fee for the 3rd part of debt order.

George Vella and Neil Wilkes are notorious vexatious litigants (not by adjudication). They are more likened to a couple of circus clowns, thinking they could abuse the legal system by making vexatious applications to the court without paying.

They do this by abusing their unemployed status to make free court applications putting others under undue pressure, but they were outsmarted when their victim (me) bided my time, waiting over 2 years when I discovered funds that George Vella was entitled to, held by a ‘3rd party’.

As a litigant in person, I made an application for a High Court 3rd Party Debt Order (with the full co-operation of the 3rd party), enforcing George Vella’s funds to be frozen by the High Court 😂, and after getting the sealed order, the £800 outstanding debt has been eventually repaid but at a total cost of £1,148.61. This is added to a previous blow to Vella, where he lost a similar fee due to similar conduct.

The hearing, attended by Paul Ponting, George Vella and his abusive yapper, Neil Wilkes, was via Teams and a recorded session.

In the hearing, Wilkes said

But this seems to me that Mr Ponting is trying get costs on what has already been ordered by a court, and if Mr Ponting wants to go down this route I will go and get and a perjury claim drawn today and file the EX105, the EX106, whichever one it is, to get the copy of today’s transcript where Ponting is actually lying to the Court in order to make a financial gain. I have got those emails, so have the police. 

[A perjury claim drawn 😂 ] – Yes, please, I want to go down this route.

Master Gidden said to Neil Wilkes

Mr Wilkes I am going to ask you to just be quiet now, if you do not mind.

George Vella, playing on his ailments, said

And as you know, I have only got 30% of my eyesight left, that would mean I would have to go and get someone to read it to me. Now, I find it very strange that all I have had is an email, other, other than rantings from Mr Ponting claiming he is going to do this and do that. So I would like to know why I have had no paperwork. I have had nothing served.

The Court was provided with the documentation that was sent to Vella, proving Vella was intentionally trying to deceive the High Court.

George Vella seems to spend an unhealthy amount of time on his computer posting drivel, yet, when it suits him, he cannot see and needs people to read to him.

George Vella comically said he had paid his £400 of the debt… by sending it to Neil Wilkes!

I sent him £400. I can prove that, I have got a bank transfer because I sent it direct to Mr Wilkes, that was £400

Neil Wilkes – Tipton

Neil Wilkes then referring to allegations he had shared malicious websites about my then 15-year-old daughter, Neil Wilkes said (amongst other malicious things),

Well maybe if you did not put them online you little fucking sick cunt, it would not have happened, would it?

The sickening allegations by Wilkes are now under criminal investigation because this was a public hearing, and my daughter and wife witnessed what this sick fuck was saying about her.

Neil Wilkes has already been found to have got a teenage girl pregnant and now perving over a 15-year-old girl and not hiding the fact even in the High Court!


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