Neil Wilkes claims to be suing West Midlands police for £75,000

A recorded conversation has been given to us of Neil Wilkes saying he is suing West Midlands police for £75,000.

In the first clip. Neil is advising the unnamed person that he does not know the process of how to sue police, he says “I’m still learning it“.

Neil Wilkes correctly advises that taking action against the police is “a very very difficult process“.

but then goes on to advise, ‘you just an email saying your going to sue em“. That is the LEGAL ADVICE he is giving someone!




In the following audio clip, Neil Wilkes says ‘I went for £75,000′ off police, we do of course ‘wish him well’.

Neil says ‘The courts have told the police it is in their interest to pay as it is going to the High Court“.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the Courts are very much impartial and would never ‘ADVISE POLICE TO PAY’, this is NOT the role of the Courts.  Lets hope the Courts hear this phone call.


It is about time that laymen lawyers STOP giving such bogus advice…