Announcement by George Vella on 7/2/2020

Mr Vella has made another update on 7th February 2020.

Our private prosecution will be taken over by the CPS which we didn’t want. However we have to take that on the chin. We have a right to review which I have no faith in so we are now going for a judicial review as is our right. It has been mentioned that Neil Wilkes has been charged with one offence but the person that has caused that still has three offences outstanding against him. He will say there are two but unbeknown to him a third has been approved and will be through the letterbox shortly. We will go all the way to the end and will be at the Royal Courts of Justice in a day or so before the CPS takeover. This person posts and begs people to: “Please like my post and leave a good comment to show your support.” to vulnerable people. If the case goes against us that will be fine but rest assured we will then put all – good and bad – evidence online and you will be able to make your own minds up. Ten domains have been bought and many more to do the same as he does to others. And as for our libel case we have reserved the services of a tire one barrister who believes he will win.

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  1. The private prosecution HAS BEEN taken over and discontinued.  My Vella suggests it ‘will be’.
  2. Mr Wilkes has in fact been charged with Malicious Communications and is a facing Walsall Magistrates Court on 12th February 2020. Mr Vella suggests the offence committed by Mr Wilkes was ‘caused‘ by his victim? …an interesting concept.
  3. We are unaware of any charges against his victim.
  4. Mr Vella infers he will ‘pop in’ to the Royal Courts of Justice, before the CPS take over.  The fact is, the CPS have taken over.  It is understood that the letter that both Mr Vella and Mr Wilkes received notified them of this.
  5. He suggest his victim ‘begs’ people to like posts.  We find no evidence to support this nevertheless, it is a very absurd and unlikely suggestion.
  6. Mr Vella suggests he has purchased 10 domains.  We find no evidence of this and curious why he would make such a blatant statement rather than posting the domains.
  7. Mr Vella suggests he intends to post all ‘good and bad’ evidence?  A very odd suggestion as Mr Vella has ignored numerous ‘court orders‘ to produce any evidence.  In one case, it is reported that Mr Vella told a District Judge that he was going to ‘copyright‘ his evidence so it could not be reproduced on the internet, something the district Judge and court advocates found astonishing, if not humorous.
  8. Finally, Mr Vella suggests he has reserved the services of a ‘Tire One Barrister‘[sic] and this barrister thinks he will win?  Another interesting concept given the strong case law to the contrary.


The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) did take over the case and they have discontinued it, this was done before Mr Vella and Mr Wilkes were notified.

Apparently, their  case failed at the evidential stage (the very first first hurdle). It had no merit.  We are told this now has other significant ramifications.

We still invite Mr Vella to post a link to this article in his group as I am sure he would want his ‘followers’ to get a full balanced and objective view of the facts, as he says himself, “you will be able to make your own minds up“.

We invite any of his followers post a link to this page.

To show we are open and honest, Mr Vella’s posts can be viewed in the following Facebook group.