Announcement by George Vella on 12/2/2020

Mr Vella has made another update on 12th February 2020.

A few people are asking how Neil Wilkes got on today in court. In a nutshell or case for that matter he was summond[sic] to court for a Section 1 Malicious Communication charge. In police interview Neil admitted sending a message but not to sending a malicious message. The CPS looked at the evidence and decided to close the case down without Neil having to go into court. I was not there but have heard there was a bit of a disturbance in the waiting area of the court. Neil wanted the case to go-ahead so he could put all his evidence to the court but the same CPS that interferred[sic] in Liverpool may deny it but they advised to close the case and I can’t post the reasons why as we are in the process of a High Court application and will use the evidence there as both myself and Neil would like all cases reopened including the one against Neil.



  1. Neil admitted to the offence presented to him in interview.  We have a copy of the interview and a copy of the audio transcription of the interview.  The message sent by Mr Wilkes was calling someone a “fucking pedo”. I think this more than constitutes malicious.  Mr Vella clearly think this is acceptable.
  2. The disturbance George Vella refers to was of Neil Wilkes being restrained by security and carried out of court, kicking and screaming,  for assaulting court staff and threatening a victim sitting in the waiting area.  This incident is being investigated as a s4 public order offence, no more details will be disclosed.
  3. And most ridiculous of all, George Vella states the he and Neil are going to the High Court to try to get the case AGAINST NEIL WILKES, reopened by Judicial review..!  So laughable, that even one of George Vella’s own followers had to point out how stupid his comment was. Even more comical, by George Vella and Neil Wilkes ‘liked’ the comment that shows how foolish their concept of the law it.

We still invite Mr Vella to post a link to this article in his group.  We wonder why he is completely ignoring this?  If he thinks this information is so wrong, he would be happy to point his followers to this page.  the fact is, George Vella is to concerned that his followers will see true facts.

We invite any of his followers post a link to this page.

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