George Vella, Neil Wilkes and Marie Wilkes make false allegations

Interestingly, a Lancashire police officer disclosed (‘or planted’) secure sensitive data on a website. (read about that here)

This was reported to the relevant authorities…. THE PRESS..!

The press were told very clearly that the information was suspected of being ‘planted’ to frame someone, as the data leak was so ridiculous.

George Vella, Neil Wilkes and Marie Wilkes became aware of this information, not sure why they are desperate to be involved in the life of the person who reported it.

They then, with absolutely NO REASON, contacted the media and made ridiculous FALSE ALLEGATIONS.

They told the media outlet;

This is against national security” and the media outlet “should report it

They took it a step further and even provided the media outlet with the “direct number of the chief inspector

The media outlet told me their suggestions were “Rather strange“, given the media outlet was privy to the full circumstances and wondered why they were just making stuff up.

The media outlet told them straight, they are not interested in their allegations.

More interestingly, Marie Wilkes in a strange outburst at Walsall Magistrates Court shouted “We know you are hacking Lancashire police computers“.  She shouted this to the man who her husband, Neil Wilkes had just attempted to assault.

This only proves that these people are insistent on stirring as much trouble as they possibly can, they have no evidence of any of these silly false allegations, they simply make up what they WANT to be true and spread it as if it were true.

Marie Wilkes contact the man via Facebook.  He asked her what the hell she was on about “hacking”, she responded…

“U have been hacking them we know and we got proof”

So, lets see this proof then!

For the record, read the article here.  The security breach is recorded. There has been and will be no attempts to ‘hack Lancashire police‘.

A UK mainstream media outlet were notified as soon as the information was discovered.  they have copies of everything.


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