George Vella and Neil Wilkes stick two fingers up to Master Cook of the High Court in London

After a court order made against Neil Wilkes and George Vella by Master Cook of the High Court to pay £800 in costs to their victim, George Vella has publicly stated: “You will never get a penny from me and Neil“.  Sticking two fingers up to the High Court!


George Vella and Neil Wilkes were criticised by Master Cook of the High Court, London, for wasting Court Time.  Not only that, for trying to abuse the court process and dragging someone through the courts without merit, a practice that George Vella and Neil Wilkes are all too familiar with.

On failing to pay the debt, High Court Bailiffs were instructed in the belief that both men would have assets to cover the £800.  The High Court bailiffs made a further lawful application to the High Court to seek a writ of execution to recover the costs.

Irrespective of any views on ‘debt collectors’, these are High Court Enforcement Officers acting under both a High Court cost order and a High Court Writ of execution to recover the costs legally and lawfully.

George Vella made public derogatory comments about this ‘officer of the court‘, calling him a ‘Fat Bastard‘.

George Vella told the High Court enforcement that he was taking the matter back to Court, the High Court Enforcement made it clear, that high court orders do not work like that, the order is made and enforceable.

George Vella believes that a court would give him ‘sympathy.’  After failing to act on four court orders, it is more likely that the courts will apply further penalties.

George Vella and Neil Wilkes have failed to abide by four separate and sealed court orders, one made in Sefton Magistrates Court, one in Liverpool County Court and two from the High Court (Royal Courts of Justice, London).  Yet both continue to attempt to use and abuse the UK legal system.

The £800 debt is owed to a man who has been the repeat victim of George Vella & Neil Wilkes.

George and Neil have both participated with Lancashire constabulary in a failed attempt to frame the man.  So much so, the police even gave it an operation name of Operation Malaya.

When this failed, George Vella and Neil Wilkes attempted to pursue the same futile allegation via the criminal courts in a private capacity, they failed monumentally.

George Vella is known to police for robbing post offices, he was convicted of this and understood the have served 5 years in prison.  He was also believed to have been imprisoned for some sort of violence in the ’80s.

Neil Wilkes

Neil Wilkes, also know to the police, is also was found to have slept with a minor and got her pregnant, this information came from his own wife, Marie Wilkes.  Ironically, Neil Wilkes ‘weapon of choice’ is calling innocent men PEDO’s.  This is irony of the highest magnitude considering Neil Wilkes apparent interest in minors.

Marie Wilkes made a comment on Facebook confirming Neil had ‘sex with a minor‘ getting her pregnant.  Maries Wilkes then tried to put the blame on the minor after her husband Neil took used her for his own sexual pleasure.  Marie removed this Facebook post once it was discovered.

Both George Vella and Neil Wilkes have admitted to having been in possession of a child abuse video and distributing it.

The video was confirmed to have been of a child, coerced into making the video.  It is alleged that Neil Wilkes and George Vella were involved in the creation of the video in an attempt to frame an innocent man, confirmed by Lancashire police.


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