Anonymous email about George Vella and Neil Wilkes

An email has been sent to Mr Ponting by someone claiming to be in the know, he has kindly forwarded it to us as it relates to our last article.

The email says;

Hello. I take no sides but think you are being wrong-footed. I drink in a pub where George is living and after reading your site think you are being led to being charged. That man called Neil Wilkes is always down at the weekend drinking with George and staying overnight. He works for Transport for London and your name has come up  several times. The police are at the moment investigating you. I don’t want to see anyone arrested or charged. What they are happy with is you accusing Neil of sex with a minor which is untrue and your police have checked this and are happy it did not happen. As for accusing George of robbery he has never in his life been charged with that and from what I have heard they are both planning to prove this in court  The case has already been put to a court where a judge has approved or going to approve a demand that you attend court.I have a beer in his pub but at the moment he has to have several operations so don’t see him as much. Last weekend as soon as Neil arrived they both went upstairs and stayed there.No need to reply as I won’t take sides. Chas

Screenshot of the actual email (click to expand)

To clarify some points raised in this email.

Neil Wilkes having sex with a minor

Neil Wilke’s own wife, Marie Wilkes, posted the following comment on Facebook.

Marie Wilkes refers to her husband, Neil Wilkes and how he had sex with a minor. Marie Wilkes tries to blame this illegal act by her husband (Neil Wilkes) on a bouncer, ‘for letting the minor into a night club!

A person name Natalie Hayley-Rae Devey replied clearly saying that that doesn’t matter and then Neil Wilkes had sex with the minor, getting the minor pregnant.

Neil Wilkes

Neil Wilkes was asked for his comment about this allegation, he has not denied the allegation, he was asked by email;

Do you deny getting an underage girl pregnant or not.  Irrespective of the circumstances?  You seem to be avoiding this pertinent question?

Neil Wilkes response to this was;

What makes me answerable to you?

The post on Facebook was visible for 7 YEARS, only being deleted by Marie Wilkes when her husband was ‘outed’ for what she says he did.

George Vella robbing post offices

What more can we say, George Vella confirms his crimes openly.  In this post, he says that he ‘cleared out a few post offices‘.  He even tried to mitigate it saying, “The premises were empty, we did them over the weekend“.  George Vella admits he went to prison for this.

Note that in this post below, George Vella refers to child offences…?

George Vella and Neil Wilkes we both handling a child abuse video. Neil Wilkes as per his wife’s comment had sex with a minor.  This raises serious concerns about these two odd men and their connection to minors.


The anonymous email goes on to suggest the Neil Wilkes and George Vella are, as usual, trying to drag Mr Ponting through the courts… again… even though last time resulted in them getting put in their place and being given a cost order of £800.

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8 months ago

I’ve no idea who this is.