High Court Cost Order against George Vella and Neil Wilkes

This is the High Court Cost Order made against Neil Wilkes of Tipton, and George Vella of Bedfordshire.


Neil Wilkes and George Vella, both brought about a malicious claim against Paul Ponting.  They failed (miserably) and the High court in London heavily criticised them, making an £800 cost order against them, a debt they both own to Paul Ponting now in the hands of High Court Enforcements.

Wilkes and Vella are both operatives of Lancashire police who supported them in their cases…

Both Vella and Wilkes are now in hiding from High Court Enforcement.  Vella even made a complaint against the High Court Enforcement for ‘knocking at his door’, saying it ‘Frightened him and he dropped a cup‘.

Wilkes and Vella can be found ‘lurking’ in their supposed anti-police Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/708651825914342/

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