Website takedown request by Joel Rodwell

This website and one other has had a takedown request, it was for the following articles,

It is believed the request was Joel Rodwell, a man who published a malicious article labelling an innocent man as a paedophile.  The articles above are contemporaneous and true.

Mr Rodwell (if he is the complainant) stated in his takedown request that the articles were published to “harass and abuse” Mr Rodwell?

This is false, the articles are ‘news articles‘ just like articles Mr Rodwell saw fit to post on the OTS News website he owns (or owned).

They were published as they are factual events relating to a criminal investigation against Rodwell by Merseyside police, where he himself harassed and abused an innocent man by using the readership of OTS News in Southport.

Joel Rodwell then blamed this criminality on his own dead father, who has now apparently died ‘a criminal’ as the result of his own son.

Suffice to say, the websites were relocated, a process that takes about 30 minutes.  This was done simply to absolve our WebHost from any backlash from Mr Rodwell.

The current owner of OTS New, James Cave has refused to publish an apology from OTS News for the malicious communications that were published on his website.

James said;

“Ahead of me taking over OTS [1/6/2020], I was aware of the three articles you have linked to, but I did not discuss them with Joel until today, when I passed on your email to him.”

This I find unlikely.

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