Yet another malicious takedown request by Joel Rodwell who lies to get his way

After a previous malicious taken down request was made by Joel Rodwell, we moved hosts… but Joel Rodwell strikes again!

Joel Rodwell, does not like the truth being posted, so he contacted the new host and sent them an email full of lies.

The webhost has been provided with sufficient evidence to prove Rodwell has lied to them.


Joel Rodwell wrote;  RED is our comments.

Dear Sirs,

I seek for help in removing the following abusive, defamatory and fabricated web pages that Mr Paul Ponting has written about me (Joel Rodwell).

I have no criminal convictions or police cautions as claimed by the website owner (editor, Paul ponting). Please see attachment. Please do not share this with Mr Paul Ponting as I fear him sharing it online. No criminal convictions were claimed?  Also, fears it being shared because Rodwell know he is lying.  Lets hope this gets to a court.

These pages were previously hosted by eUKhost prior to them being removed by the company. (False, we removed them to avoid conflict)

I have already applied to Google to request the pages not be listed and they have advised me to contact yourselves (the website host). The ICO are also investigating this matter. Google have taken no action, search ‘joel rodwell on and The ICO are not investigating anything as it is a private website and is factual data, nor are we data controllers.


Below is a list of the Web pages:

Joel Rodwell of OTS News Southport


OTS News Southport owner Joel Rodwell investigated by Police

Reason for removal:

The URL’s have been reported to Merseyside Police and considered a criminal offence (Crime) – Constable Denton 8449. UPDATE – Merseide police have confirded this fase. The officer does not exist.

How can they be considered a criminal offence, the factual articles have been public for over 5 years!  PC Denton has been contacted.  The only crime committed is what Rodwell did and now seemingly wasting police time.

The URLs contain only fabrication s and lies made up by the editor Paul Ponting All information is true.

(1) I have NEVER been under police investigation or cautioned by police we can post this if Mr Rodwell wants?  He was inveistigated and interviewed under caution.

(2) I have never emailed Paul Ponting threatening to expose him as a paedophile; It was posted on OTS news because Mr Rodwells ‘friends’ burgled Mr Pontings shop and Rodwell defended them on OTS news and thought he would be a tough guy and slag off Mr Ponting.

(3) OTS News never published any story about Mr Ponting being a paedophile; Yes it did, this was why Rodwell was interviewed under caution and blamed the offence it on his dead father. How low can someone stoop.

and (4) myself or late father were NOT Freemasons. (where not, or are not?)

I have never sued Mr Ponting. (5) Maybe we should post the solicitors letters!!!!!! in fact, they will be posted shortly.

Mr Ponting used a photo stolen from my golf coaching website without consent. Stolen! a criminal alegation for using a publically accessible photograph, this is not theft!)

It is wholly inappropriate for untrue material about me to be generally available, when the police confirmed he is one of Mr Pontings victims and what he is publishing is a criminal offence.  Police confirmed?  this will be checked!

Further, the URLs are outdated. The false publication of the URLs causing me suicidal thoughts. I have no cautions or criminal convictions and therefore the principles in NT1&2 v Google LLC [2018] EWHC 261 (QB) apply.  – Outated? What is outdated?  Rodwell claims it was untrue, now suggests it was outdated.


The Government provided me the option of submitting, and paying, for a criminal records check against my name. Please see attached document confirming this. The Government provided me the option of submitting, and paying, for a criminal records check against my name. This has come back clear. Please see screen shots attached confirming this. I have also included screen shots of my account and password/ share code so that you can log into the Government portal and view my record first hand. Please do this to show that I have no convictions. There was no suggestion of a criminal record as Rodwell avoided the conviction because he blamed the offence on his dead father. FACT. We have lots of local MP communicaiton on the matter, maybe we should post it all?

this web link that enables them to view your result: the last 6 digits of your certificate number: 824351 the share code from the online result page 96 this has also been sent by text message. Please check the mobile phone number used

Furthermore –

Please note my earlier comments, having these pages linked to Mr name is causing me distress and undue loss. The allegations are made by a male named Paul Ponting. You will see from the internet that I am not alone in the people he decides to make spurious allegations against. He makes allegations against police officers, politicians, local business people. He has done this to the extent where there has now been a vigilante group established online to seek recourse against Ponting. Please note I am not a part of that group, have no contact with that group and want nothing to do with that group. People will learn that attacking Mr Ponting is futile.

I am a genuine honest hard working man with a young family. Honest! a total liar

I am trying to run my business and secure relatively high value contracts. It is only natural that prospective clients undertake due diligence on me and as such i am constantly facing questions about these fabricated articles and losing business. 

It is unethical for Rodwell to try to cover up his history so that clients are not aware of it.  Prospective clients are more than welcome to contact Mr Ponting who will happily show them full evidence.


Please will you help me by removing these articles as they causing a great deal of distress and suicidal thoughts. Do let me know if there anything else you need. I really hope we can bring this to a swift resolution and the articles be removed.

I have spoken to the police about progressing a crime report against him for harassment. This is not possible due to UK statute of limitations, however, if you remove the articles and he then reposts the comments then i may have a case at that point.

Hang on, earlier Rodwell claims the police confirmed it was a crime, now he says police are saying it is not a crime!

Wasting police time is a criminal offence.  If Rodwell causes a website to go offline, it can never be a crime for the website owner to relaunch it.

In terms of approaching him directly to remove the content this has been done previously and he has refused, (false) as he has done with many other approaches regarding other people (that is what other websites would tend to suggest).

I ask that you please help me in this endeavour and remove the content.


Joel Rodwell has been told that a public apology for what he did to Mr Ponting is welcomed.

One snippet for Mr Rodwell to assure him all evidence is available…

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