Website takedown request by Joel Rodwell

This website and one other has had a takedown request, it was for the following articles, https://pubchat.co.uk/joel-rodwell-of-ots-news-southport/ https://ukcorruptpolice.com/joel-rodwell-ots-news-southport/ https://ukcorruptpolice.com/ots-news-owner-joel-rodwell-blames-dead-father-malicious-communications/ It is believed the request was Joel Rodwell, a man who published a malicious article labelling […]


Lonely old man at Christmas time

What a fantastic Christmas day we had with family, included our extended families. We had more than a dozen people over for Christmas dinner. Sad to say, I noticed some sad old cunt was thinking […]

No Picture

Update from Adrian

We have received information from a person called Adrian who has sent us a detailed conversation with a person he described as ‘an angry old man‘ It relates to a private prosecution being brought against […]