Wolverhampton BJJ Club sick attacks and allow known child abuser to train in the club

Members of Wolverhampton BJJ are relentlessly targetting my family.

This is LUKE BAYLISS of Wolverhampton BJJ the vile troll.

He is the little fucker that posted obscene comments about me on my business facebook.  He has been reported to the police.


Darren Hogan is one of the ring leaders at the club and also has a conviction for attacking my family.

Ironic as Darren Hogan has police cautions for child abuse and Wolverhampton BJJ are fully aware of this and allow him to work in the club teaching children.

Why would the owner of a martial arts club put the photo of a child abuser on his facebook, not to mention allow the child abuser to work around kids!

Hugh Abercrombie is the owner of the BJJ Club and was fully aware that one of his instructors had cautions for Child abuse, yet club owner, Hugh Abercrombie turned a blind eye to this.

This was a report to Wolverhampton BJJ regarding Darren Hogan and his police cautions for child abuse.  Wolverhampton BJJ confirmed they would look into it.  They didn’t, they allowed Darren Hogan to stay at the club amongst children.

Not only did Hugh Abercrombie allow a child abuser into his club, but he befriended the child abuser (Darren Hogan) and obsessively plastered the child abusers photo all over his own facebook page.

Even though Hugh Abercrombie was notified of Hogans Child abuse.  Hugh refused to do anything.  In fact, he has been quoted as saying “DAZ IS CLEAR TO WORK WITH KIDS” even though Hugh is fully aware that ‘Daz’ has police cautions and ‘Daz’ has used alias names.  This show that Hugh Abercrombie is more than happy to allow a child abusers to be amongst the kids in his care.

Hugh Abercrombie categorically denies Darren hogan has access to kids of the club, odd, as Hugh Abercrombie has confirmed his belief that Darren hogan was behind the malicious comments by Luke Bayliss who Hugh refers to as ‘a kid’.

The UK BJJ who advertise Wolves BJJ on their website has been notified.

















Darren Hogan has posted a comment on Facebook saying he has been accepted by the UKBJJ as a member and has insisted that the allegations on this page are malicious.  What Darren Hogan has not done is DENIED the allegations.

The information was provided by an ex-partner of Darren Hogan who has confirmed that the police documents are genuine and that Darren Hogan was cautioned for ‘an act of cruelty to a child’.

The documents have been published in the interest of child safety.


On 11/9/2019, Hugh Abercrombie says he has banned Darren from the club. A bit too late don’t you think?  He only did that after I told him I was going public with the facts.

The national press will be invited to review the evidence and publish it.

How can a martial arts club that teaches children ALLOW a child abuser to be around kids!

Parents should seek legal advice and take action against the club for knowingly putting their children at risk.


Hugh Abercrombie was asked if his own parents knew that Darren Hogan has police cautions for child abuse.  So far, Hugh as refused to answer.  Hughs parents are apparently to club owners and are well aware of the disruption Darren Hogan has caused.




Since this page was viewed by Hugh.

A number of obscene posts were made about my young daughter.   These have been removed.  Police are notified.  What a bunch of cowards at Wolves BJJ having to target a young girl.

The IP address that posted the sick comments about a teen girl is and is from Wolverhampton.

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Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
4 years ago

Wow . Funnily enough hogan has been posting stuff on my page slagging abercrombie off. Hogan is a dickhead and is being manipulated by 2 others and he is stupid enough to do their bidding .


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