Alisha Cullen from Wolverhampton

This is Alisha Cullen from 48 Carter Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 0PQ

She used to live at 76 Brintons Road, Southampton, SO14 0DB

Her date of birth is 26/06/1994

she left a malicious false review about our company.

She said “Bought a product from this shop and it was faulty the man would not refund me seemed a bit Pervy

She is linked to Darren Hogan who has a restraining order so Alisha Cullen is doing his dirty work.

Darren Hogan has previous cautions for child abuse.

Alisha Cullen has never been into the shop she claimed and therefore is a malicious troll.  This is not a person who can be trusted.

A civil case of malicious falsehood is underway.


Alisha seems to have a complex as she tried to hide her face with animal pictures.


DISCLAIMER – This post is due to Lancashire police refusal to help repeat victims of crime.