Luke Bayliss from Wolverhampton

Luke Bayliss from Wolverhampton is a member of Wolverhampton BJJ.

A Facebook post by a Luke Bayliss of Wolverhampton at Wolves BJJ.  See he has a post on his facebook which clearly shows a child abuser at the club, amongs children.  This was in the FULL knowledge of Wolves BJJ.



How considerate, Luke Bayliss the little angel supports dementia. Maybe the little fucker ‘forgot’ that he trains at Wolves BJJ who have an anti Bully policy.  Then decided he would leave a sick message on my business facebook.

This is the Facebook profile of Luke Bayliss

Luke left an intentional and malicious message on a business facebook page under the guidance of Darren Hogan who has a restraining order.

This disgusting prick thinks his actions were clever, how wrong you were you stupid fucker.

Police are now involved.

Luke Bayliss has been reported for Malicious Communications.

Track Luke Bayliss here

We have been told that the victim of Luke Bayliss is now being targetted by what appears to be a family member named Linda Bayliss.  She has sent a malicious message to him.

DISCLAIMER – This post is due to Lancashire police refusal to help repeat victims of crime.