Darren Hogan police cautions for child offences – public interest

The following are police cautions related to Darren Hogan, provided to us in good faith by a concerned ex-partner of Darren Hogan.

They have been posted in the interest of child safety.  Darren Hogan does work and train amongst children.

It has been said by Wolverhampton BJJ that Darren Hogan is DBS clear to work with children.

This was said on the 11th September 2019 – the same day that Wolves BJJ sacked him.

As Darren Hogan uses many alias names.  this may help.

The following are known alias names of Darren Hogan

  • Darren Elswift
  • Brandon Darren Scott
  • Darren Velasquez
  • Darren Gary
  • Tanya Brazil


Caution 1

Defendant: ELSWIFT, Darren. DOB  04/02/1984

Offence/allegation: CHILD ABUSE

MO: BMT child has been made to live in neglectful conditions where there was mouldy dirty cutlery and utensils, unsanitary living conditions and a danger amount of clutter within the household.  Victims dob is 26/12/2003 not 2006 as stated on the crime report is 6 years old the offence made out is one of neglect not assault as outlined on wc393, the crime header has been changed accordingly ….REDACTED]


Caution 2

Defendant: ELSWIFT, Darren.

Doing an act of cruelty to a child or young person under the age of 16 years on 08/01/2010.  Children and Young Persons Act s.1(1)

Police link Brandon Darren Scotte to Darren Elswift. who is linked to Darren Hogan in Caution 3 below.

Caution 3

Defendant: ELSWIFT, Darren.

Offence: Common assault (victim around 7 years old)

MO: OFFENDER, Darren Elswift (AKA Darren Hogan), BN 04.02.84 has grabbed IP round the neck. No injuries, Named offender.

So the Police caution here confirms that Darren Elswift is ‘also known as’ Darren Hogan.  This would imply that Darren Hogan is the alias name and the real name is Darren Elswift?



Wolves BJJ are aware of these police cautions for child abuse, child neglect and common assault against a child and still allowed Darren Hogan to coach and train with children!

They have since said they have ‘sacked’ Darren Hogan only after the cautions were made public.


Darren Hogan also has a criminal conviction for harassment and has a restraining order.  See this article

On 9th November, a person, believed to be Hogan sent the following message.  It is believed to be Hogan using an alias account, and talking about himself in the 3rd person;

a long time ago he suffered mental illness and got a caution for home conditions due to hoarding because he was a single father

If this is the case, then it is a response to ONE of the cautions but he does not offer any mitigation to the ASSAULT caution.


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