Darren Hogan from Wolverhampton CONVICTED of Harassment

Darren HOGAN (aka Darren Velasques) pleaded GUILTY to Harassment in Walsall Magistrates court on 20th November 2017.

UPDATE – restraining order extended.

He was sentenced as follows:

  • To be subject to a  Community Order until 19/08/2018
  • To participate in Rehabilitation Activity Requirements for 10 days
  • Fined £80
  • Ordered to pay Court costs of a total of £485

A Restraining order has been made until 19/11/2018 with the following terms:

  • Not to contact <his victims> directly or indirectly by any means including social media or other internet communications media.
  • Not to post information concerning <his victims>  on any social or internet media.

Darren Hogan attended court in a baseball cap, red jumper and grey tracksuit bottoms with trainers.

Darren Hogan, an instructor a Wolverhampton BJJ (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu),  pursued an ongoing course of conduct against a family for a period of over 12 months. He did this alongside Hugh Abercrombie, (also from Wolverhampton BJJ).  Abercrombie was sentenced earlier this year for the same offence.

Ironically, both instructors teach ‘anti-bully’ courses at Wolverhampton BJJ.  They are now both are now convicted ‘bullies’..!

The hateful campaign by Darren Hogan included mocking the victims when their home was attacked by arsonists, spreading malicious comments saying one of the victims was a paedophile, even sending it to many Facebook groups in the area of the victims setting up a dedicated website based on the victims name with further inferences to paedophilia and other grossly offences allegations.

Darren Hogan was charged with Harassment and Malicious Communications however the charges of Malicious Communications were dropped by CPS after Darren Hogan cowardly pleaded guilty to the lesser charge even after he had goaded his victims prior to the court case that he was ‘NOT GUILTY ALL THE WAY’ but had a change of heart when the victims turned up at court.


It is understood that an application for a private prosecution is being considered by the victims to pursue the charges that were dropped by the CPS.

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