George Vella harasses arson attack victims including children

George Vella has been reported again.

This time for making malicious, harassing and unfounded comments on Lancashire Police Facebook page about an arson attack of a family in Ormskirk to cause them alarm and distress.

The family were victims of an arson attack and during this terrifying ordeal, they were maliciously trolled by a gang of men online, two of whom have now been charged for malicious communications.  George Vella the known police hater keeps on persisting with his attacks.

This has been reported to police by the victims as harassment and trolling of victims of crime which include children.

This is the BBC Crimewatch reconstruction that George Vella decided to post his harassing comments against!

Lancashire Police posted an appeal on their Facebook page for people to watch (BBC Crimewatch) which features a terrifying arson attack on a family with children.  George Vella was trying to hamper the investigation by posting the following comments to Facebook.


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