George Vella stands up to racism but supports homophobic attackers

UPDATE: 21/6/2017 (13:42)
George Vella has published the following LIES to his sheeple.  He has stated he has been accused of being racist and homophobic!  Total lies. Vella has been accused of supporting homophobic trolls.  No one called Vella a racist, it was Vella himself who accused an innocent man of being racist and posted it all over hos anti police hate facebook page.  Vella will NOT allow us to be on his page to debate in public view of his ‘sheeple’ and certainly will not tell them about this post as he is scared they will see the objective view of Vella.


UPDATE: 21/6/2017 (13:42)
George Vella has un-archived the vile anti police hate Facebook group.

George Vella has removed (archived) hate filled anti police Facebook group. The Facebook group as you will read below, encourages Malicious Communications, libel UPDATE: 20/6/2017.
George Vella has removed (archived) hate filled anti police Facebook group. The Facebook group as you will read below, encourages Malicious Communications, libel and pure evil hatred against anyone who dares speak out against what the group admins write.  Vella has even allowed the post of a picture of a police car that had crashed while attending a 999 call.  Police officers (people) were injured, for all we know they could have been attending a pensioner being beaten to a pulp, but, oh no, Vella thinks this is Police Corruption and Wrongdoing!  What a despicable little old man this is.  There is no doubt that some police are corrupt, (I know all about it), but tarring them all with the same brush is no better than racism!  It is unknown why Vella has archived the group as he is lost without his sheeple.  It is suspected that the group will come back in the near future as it is still possible for the admins to delete posts when it is archived (evidence).

Criminal George Vella, a convicted burglar of Post Offices was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison.  Due to this, he is obsessed with a vendetta against police and set up a cult Facebook group.

George Vella is the admin of the controversial anti police Facebook group which some say he manages like a cult leader.

He makes it very clear, it is the Vella way or  ‘the highway’, he does not like debate or disagreement with his comments. A bit like a North Korean leader!

A recent post on Vella’s anti police Facebook page however seems to be hugely contradictory and libel!  The victims name has been removed from here.

Vella publicly slags off a person calling him a racist (yet no evidence provided of racism) and calls for anyone associated with the person to unfriend him.

Vella does not seem to be sure himself, saying he was asked if he was a Jew, ‘I think he meant Jewish’

Vella honourably makes it clear he does not want anything to do with racists.

It is widely debated whether Judaism is a race or religion, however, The Aish Rabbi clearly states that Judaism is a religion, not a race. (so how would this be a racist comment?)  notwithstanding this, I do not believe racism was intended by the victim.

Yet, Vella goes into a disgusting rant, publicly calling the victim ‘a racist cunt‘.

Vella goes on to tell the victim that he [Vella] has posted defamatory (libel) comments about the victim on a private group of 6,000+ members where the victime has NO access to defend himself.

Vella fully intending to cause harassment, alarm and distress to the victim.  Not one member has commented or supported Vella’s malicious attack of the victim.


HOWEVER Vella actively supports people who make homophobic attacks!


George Vella has made it very clear he supports homophobia by supporting those involved in a homophobic attack!

Three people in particular who have been publicly making grossly offensive homophobic slurs against a targeted individual, suddenly became close friends of George Vella… why ?

George Vella has fully supported these homophobic trolls in their attack against their targeted victim… Why?

Two of the homophobic trolls that George Vella supported and Vella clearly befriended since the homophobic attacks, have now been charged with Malicious Communications and Harassment.  One of them has pleaded GUILTY the other due in court on the 7th June 2017.


The evidence of all this new friendship below.


Hugh Abercrombie who was charged and has pleaded guilty to Malicious Communications. He will be sentenced on the 26th June 2017.

Darren Hogan who has been charged with Malicious Communications and Harassment. (his plea hearing 7th July 2017)

Neil Wilkes who is an avid police hater and good friend of police hater George Vella.


George Vella is friends of Neil Wilkes via the anti police Facebook group that Vella entrusts Wilkes to be an admin.

By his own admission, George Vella does not know Hogan and Abercrombie (the two who have been criminally charged).  These are close friends of Neil Wilkes.

After a recent malicious attack by Hogan and Abercrombie (supported by Wilkes), both have suddenly been befriended by Vella who is believed to be in his late  60’s or 70’s.  Why would he befriend these younger men?

Why would George Vella knowingly befriend two people after they have been charged for a horrific homophobic attacks and and threats to kill?

Why would George Vella allow Hogan to post grossly offensive material about the victim on his anti-police Facebook group?


Here is a extremely malicious post. One for which Darren HOGAN has been arrested for and charged with Malicious Communications.

Notice how George Vella ‘allows‘ this criminal act on his group (still there to this day) and even goes to comment about the content which is offensive in context with the video posted. (obscured here). This is evidence he has watched the video, is aware of the content and still allows it on his Facebook group.  The Video was compilation that the link points to was created by Darren Hogan to harass a family (young children included) that were the target of serious arson attack.  Hogan took the CCTV and edited it to make fun of the victims, he also falsified photographs of the victims and made malicious photo-shopped images.  George Vella, instead of being the group admin and blocking/banning Hogan he allows it and goes on to befriend Hogan.



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