George Vella attempts to abuse of the UK Justice system

George Vella, speaking on behalf on Neil Wilkes is attempting to abuse the UK Justice system and looking like he is single handedly derailing Neil Wilkes prosecution against the police.

Neil Wilkes from Wolverhampton is attempting to bring a private prosecution against 5 serving police officers.  We wish him well and hope justice prevails.

What annoys us is that, Neil Wilkes and his colleague, George Vella are both threatening ANYONE who attempts to attend this PUBLIC hearing in a PUBLIC Crown Court.

VELLA is publishing posts saying it is a PRIVATE hearing in a PUBLIC Court.   This is untrue (utter rubbish).

I have called Wolverhampton Crown Court and they advised me that the case of Neil Wilkes against the police is in an OPEN court and that ANYONE can attend.  Vella and Wilkes have been reported to the court and the defence barrister for their actions threatening the public as the public have a right to attend. (VELLA has since the hearing back peddled see 2nd image below!)


VELLA was also attempting to accuse people of intimidating witnesses (read below).  All the public want is to attend this hearing (as entitled members of the public) yet George VELLA and Neil WILKES (and others) were making serious threats to anyone that attends!

Notice that after he gets on his soapbox in his CULT Facebook group, he that orders people not to discuss the legal points in his group.

He does this as, there is NO LEGAL argument for stopping people attend this open hearing in a public building!

This is what cult leader George VELLA is posting.


Vella Back pedaling


Now Vella appears to show his true CONTROLLING colours as a CULT leader.

Notice the use of  ‘I’ and ‘WE’ in his statement that none of his cronies have commented on.

I never said WE would win.  Who is WE.  This is not Vella’s case. Vella is nothing more that a Facebook group member.  From what we understand, there is NO mention of Vella in the case notes for this prosecution application which is all it is at this stage.

I said what I would do.  Disassociation.  No longer using WE when answering his own point that it may not be successful.  Making it clear it was only his opinion.

I put in the national news. – Vella giving himself all of the credit for putting this story in the worst trash paper, the SUN.  No other paper has run this story, why, because it is not a story.

I have spent the whole day with police and others showing our point. – Vella seems to be trying to control this case. Vella has been to the police showing their point.  What?

WE have measures in place – Er, No, you don’t.   You may have not even spoken to the judge. The judge will kick ANYONE out for disruption to the case. The judge will not give Vella any right over this case as Mr Vella, are simply a member of the public like everyone else, and Mr Vella can also be kicked out, just as easily as any other member of the public. I can assure you that contact with the Court & the defence counsel has been made regarding the Circus Mr Vella is making.  That is all I will say.

WE have people look at the trolls –  The trolls you refer to are a not anonymous and do not hide in hidden groups with my way or the highway rules!

Veall is loving the 6,500 follower that he has invited to his group.  About 30 people maximum participate in his cultership leadership, the rest are just dormant. He (and his dog, yes, he has a Facebook account for his DOG, Rocky Vella) invite dozens of people in per day, yet his is so concerned of things being posted from the group externally, why does he just invite everyone and anyone in?


These are the admins of his anti police group. George Vella, George Vella’s dog, Neil Wilkes, Neil Wilkes 2nd account (great title for a prosecutor!) and 1 other.


Lord Vella speaks again 22:09 12/5/17.

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6 years ago

hes a joke of a guy