George Vella CONTINUES to harass

George Vella continues to harass people, calling them stalkers & trolls.

All we want is for George Vella and his cronies to STOP posting derogatory and malicious comments on his Facebook group about people, especially those who are blocked and cannot comment to defend themselves!  This is the actions of a coward.

George Vella keeps saying he himself is harassed, but if he really was, why would he keep prodding people and posting his childish rants as well as malicious accusations and maliciously posting peoples private affairs on an anti-police facebook group?  Why would anyone think this is appropriate to do? This in itself is harassment!

This web page will show the continuous rants by the little angry old man who appears to have a rather large chip on his shoulder, who hides anonymously behind his anti-police group on Facebook

It is understood that George Vella has taken it personally after two of his close acquaintances have been SENTENCED for criminal activity against one of George Vella’s targets.  Vella is taking it upon himself to attack the victims as a conspired vendetta simply because his own friends have been given criminal sentences.


It is somewhat entertaining though how this anti-police group created by George Vella, the sole aim of the group is to target Police Corruption and Wrongdoing yet is used by George Vella (who has been convicted and served a lengthy prison sentence for robbing post office’s ) to rant at others, nothing to do with Police Corruption and Wrongdoing.

As George Vella blocks ANYONE from speaking in his group, this website is your ‘right to reply‘.

THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW.  Bedfordshire police are now investigating the latest and horrific post by the vile internet troll George Vella.  Names have been redacted as the allegations are so offensive that it would be unfair to make this public any more than Vella has done.

This is being investigated as Malicious Communications which is an indictable offence as it is GROSSLY OFFENSIVE and UNTRUE. There is no defence for this, this is utter malice and as George Vella has prior convictions, the victim has stated he will not be happy unless a custodial sentence is given.

Malicious Communications Act

Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 makes it an offence for a person, with the intention of causing distress or anxiety, to send certain items to another person which convey an indecent or grossly offensive message or are themselves of an indecent or grossly offensive nature, or which convey a threat or information which is false and known or believed to be false by the sender.

He continues to troll this site using the following IP addresses.  Full details retained.



George Vella has now confirmed the name of the people he refers to as trolls.  Ponting and Taylor!

He also makes a clear lie, implying he attended said court case which Vella did not attend. George Vella is a lonely compulsive liar as well as a wannabe cult leader but evidence shows, of his almost 7,000 members, only himself, Neil Wilkes and maybe two others actually like his posts. Everyone else is cringing at what Vella is inappropriately posting and how Vella is continuing a feud that would best be resolved on a playground.  Vella, grow up you fool.


George Vella and Jobless Neil Wilkes now keep posting but keep claiming they are harassed by trolls. Neil Wilkes, not able to fight a battle, starts insulting a disability of his victim.  It is funny how they are using their anti police group for personal rants and none of their cult are taking an notice.




George Vella adds to Jobless Wiles post saying how nice Lancashire was in Southport.  They claim to have had a meeting in Lancashire with a Lancashire police officer yet the pub they refer is in Merseyside.  A little research goes a long way.  They are obviously fearful of naming the police officer, I wonder why? because it can easily be verified.


Neil Wilkes has posted the following:

Neil Wilkes is believed to be talking about someone who lives in Lancashire, yet they say they have gone to Southport which is a totally different county, MERSEYSIDE.  Are police paying BRIBES by giving meals and drinks to get statements…

Notice how Huntley Thawe from the TV is joining in their harassment!



George Vella has responded on his anti-police Facebook page.  He pathetically calls the “Police Corruption and Wrongdoing” a Police news page.  No George, it is a page, entitled Police Corruption and Wrongdoing, NOT Police news.  At NO time does Vella or Wiles post ANY information about anything GOOD done by police, only wrongdoing, and when a Police officer dies in an accident and they post it and laugh about it saying it is now a Police news page.

The really funny thing is, JOBLESS  Neil Wilkes states “hardly anyone visits this site” really, 15k hits last month!


One of George Vella’s admins has also posted this extremely derogatory post.  A police officer dies, on duty and the vile anto police campaigner Neil Wilkes deems it appropriate to post on a Police Corruption And Wrongdoing facebook post!

What the hell is this got to do with Police Corruption or Wrongdoing?  This is clear that Vella and Wilkes hate police irrespective of the circumstances.  Note that there are two smiley faces to this post, I hope if this officer has children they do not see what some scum will do.

George Vella posts derogatory comments about the police on his Police Corruption And Wrongdoing facebook page.  We are confused how this post amounts to Corruption or Wrongdoing. Two police officers, attending a crime crashed.  What is Corrupt about this?









Latest post by George Vella

 Even after asking for George Vella to stop, he continues. intentionally goading replies.  He is fully aware his posts are being seen by his victims, so he continues to post comments that he knows, or ought to know would cause alarm and distress.

George Vella seems insistent to try to damage Christmas for his victims, some who have families and children.  Maybe George Vella is jealous of the close families he is targetting because he lives alone.

It is hysterical how George Vella says his victims are ‘baiters’ when all they have done is respond to his malicious postings.

We are asking that George Vella removes ALL of his malicious posts from his group and refrain from any further malicious posts, this, in turn, will result in any comments about him.


Another post by George Vella

Why would this so-called ‘harassed’ man keep posting about people and goading them? He then makes further inferences to another of his targets up in Lancashire.  Why randomly post this if not to cause alarm and distress?

He believes he is being followed??? This is untrue, a number of people in his own group keep a lot of people up to date and a few of his followers actually contribute to this website. All of George Vella’s targets are blocked from his Facebook group.  George Vella does this to stir hatred against those people who are then unable to defend themselves.

If George Vella was so sure of himself, why not just have a one-off public debate/argument) all cards on the table, everyone says their piece, shake hands (or not) and MOVE ON.  If you read this last comment by George Vella in this screenshot, you can see he is so vext about someone getting what he calls “having their 15 minutes!“. That seems all George Vella is worried about, other people succeeding in their fight for justice then criticising them for getting some public attention.

He fails to discuss his friend, the “jobless wannabee Perry Mason” as reported in the ‘single’ press article (the SUN if you can call that vile paper news!)


Posted by George Vella

As always, George Vella is cryptic in his delivery. He likes to address himself as ‘we’.  We are not sure why as it is one person, George Vella.

But as always, George Vella totally lies in public. George Vella says that the person he accused of death threats, admitted writing several posts from his home address. This is an utter LIE.  The police officer informed the person of the time and date of the alleged posts, at which the person told the officer that at that time and date they would have likely been at home.   This conversation was recorded showing how George Vella is again LYING.

George Vella then makes up that there is more to tell but won’t reveal it? Strange as he is happy to reveal lies and then pretend there are more.

He also shows a letter from police with absolutely no information on it.  Anyone can show a police letter head!

George Vella implies he has been given a Victim Right to Review.  (VRR).   Now, correct me if I am wrong, but the VRR process is for challenging the CPS decision not to charge.  The Police decision maker would not send a file to CPS unless a crime had been investigated, and that would mean the alleged offender has been questioned.  (which is not the case) CPS would chuck this back at Police for being plonka’s for not doing any investigation or interview.  George Vella then uses the letters IMU and somehow tries to relate it to the VRR (victim right to review process)…  IMU is the ‘Investigation Management Unit’, NOT the CPS VRR Process.   George Vella is LYING again.

Further information on the VRR process can be found here.  which clearly states “The Victims’ Right to Review Scheme makes it easier for victims to seek a review of a CPS decision not to bring charges or to terminate all proceedings.



The following post be George Vella was made at approx 00:45, 9/12/2017.

George Vella has made a number of intentionally falsified comments simply in an attempt to cause alarm and distress to his victims.

With respect to his first comment.

cambridgeshire police looked at one of our cases and today confirmed that they spoke to the person in regards to malicious communications. I have been emailed today that this was no further actioned With a victim’s right to review and the main argument being they should not have been looking at malicious communications as this was reported as harassment by a twice-convicted stalker and now we have an email saying the case has been reopened.

He did not post this email he alleges to have received.  I am sure it does not exist. We ask for this to be posted.

Cambridgeshire Police have NOT spoken to the person George Vella is referring to.  Actually, a bobby knocked at his door and politely asked if he could have his phone number so Cambridgeshire police can call him.  Cambridgeshire Police have not spoken with him and based on legal advice, very unlikely to do so based on the absurd allegation and fanciful evidence.  This is a proveable LIE by George Vella.

This apparent police chat (that did not materialise, hence how police did not perceive it as a crime) relates to a ridiculous and falsified allegation by George Vella that his life was ‘threatened’, a report of ‘Threats to kill’, this is a serious allegation.  (this offence is neither Malicious Communications or Harassment).

George Vella went to the police when a man said he should face the same fate as another person (this person was named but I will not name here).  This other person that was referred to was due in court in the following week facing Malicious Communications and Harassment for which he was sentenced.   This is the fate that was inferred ye Vella said it was a death threat…

George Vella refers to his target as a twice convicted stalker.   The person who he is referring to has NEVER been convicted of stalking.  This is another malicious LIE by George Vella who keeps saying it to cause alarm and distress.

George Vella completely twisted the above a comment and saying the name was ‘the same first name as someone he knows who died in his sleep‘ and went running to the police saying someone had threatened to kill him.  What a stupid thing to say (stupid is really an understatement). How the hell would anyone know of a random person who George Vella knows who apparently died in their sleep.  I suspect this is not something George Vella has openly published so how the hell does he make this ludicrous association!

The comment made is fully substantiated by a mound of evidence. George Vella is intentionally wasting police time on malicious witch hunts to cause alarm and distress to people.  Notice how George Vella does not make any further comment about this incident in his poisonous Facebook group as he knows he has been rumbled.

George Vella has stated that the admin of ‘this’ website has posted information, hehehe (factually incorrect). This unsubstantiated comment is like saying Mark  Zuckerberg wrote all the comments on Facebook because HE is the admin of it.

What the hell is George Vella harping on about, Malicious Communications! For this, someone would have had to have posted something ‘grossly offensiveAND ‘untrue’.


The more the little man rants and targets people, the more it will be published and dissected here.  People have a right to reply to comments made about them.  George Vella blocks them on his Facebook group after openly slagging them off, well, this is their place to reply.


The second comment by George Vella

In regards to a case in Lancashire, I have been informed that a suspect is being charged. I was also informed that the suspect is saying: “Lancashire police charge a victim of crime.” He may well be a victim of crime but that does not mean he has not committed one. For example. I smash your windscreen. That does not give you the right to smash mine as two wrongs do not make a right.

This is another falsification by George Vella. The information he is referring to is from a ‘known source‘ that we are well aware of and it is therefore confirmed that George Vella is making a totally unverified assumption simply to cause alarm and distress.


George Vella continues with his threats

To any other internet trolls that try to disrupt this group we will take you to court and take a statement from everyone you contact trying to disrespect us. This has been a long and drawn-out investigation on all sides but we do not run to the police. All the people mentioned above tried to have us arrested.

George Vella, the admin of the anti-police Facebook group threatens to take people to court for disrespecting him.  The point is, why is he so insistent to disrespect other people.  He has knowingly published absolutely private and confidential information about one of his targets and his target’s wife all over his anti-police Facebook group.  It is unknown why George Vella is infatuated with this man and his wife and why he keeps publishing their private affairs.  This has been reported to police by George Vella victims and is currently under investigation.  No one has tried to have him arrested, reports of crimes have been made, yes, but ‘tried to have him arrested’ is one of his fanciful ideas.

George Vella is continuously ‘goading‘ people for a ‘fight of words‘.  A typical keyboard warrior that will not show his face. No one wants to know him, but while he continues to poke and prod people, they will naturally react.  I am asking that he stop his provocations and the responses will also stop.  We have bigger fish to fry, he is clearly failing in is campaign and attacking others who are gaining traction.

This post will be continually updated by any of the contributors of this website.

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6 years ago

Why not say it to their face and not on the Internet. Surely you have issues, why not man to man it out

6 years ago

I don’t know who you’re referring to but I’ve have no restraining order.
I came across this site by accident and Wolverhampton is a city with a big population and your ip checker isn’t very good as I’m not in Wolverhampton for your info.
Why not tell these people to their faces instead of hiding behind a screen?

6 years ago

You say coward and I’m not in Tipton either. You seem to think my name is Darren but my name has none of the letters in my name that Darren consists of. I see you post about many prole and I’m a coward because you think I’m someone I’m not and yet you constantly type about people yet haven’t answered why you don’t say this to their faces where these people can hear you out. Why is that? Is it you that is the coward and scared? You need to make your mind up of my location as first Wolverhampton… Read more »

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