Neil Wilkes of West Midlands openly LIKES child abuse and paedophilla

Neil Wilkes of the West Midlands who is a member of a malicious Facebook group, “Fu*k West Midlands Police!!” has made it clear he supports the abduction and sexual abuse of children, as long as they are the children of police officers.

A sick and extremely disturbing post was made by someone called “Daniel Healey” stating:

“I hope every coppers kids get abducted by an Asian sex gang u corrupt horrible cunts”

Neil Miggsey Wilkes of West Midlands has Liked this comment.  Neil is the top left photo in the screen shot. Police are aware of this comment and those that ‘LIKE’ it.

Neil is actually trying to bring criminal charges against the police, this shows how vexatious he really is.

This is blatant support for child abuse and paedophilla!

I need not say any more about this VILE man, the screenshot is here.


The post is fully recorded by video screen capture and screen shot as evidence.


Update: 20/1/2018

Neil Wilkes has now DELETED his membership to this group and removed the gross and sick ‘LIKE’.  He did this only within a few days of it being brought to the attention of the public on this website and to the police.  It was visible for over 2 years before he removed it!

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