Grossly offensive comments by Neil Wilkes and Darren Hogan

Neil Wilkes who would have you believe he is whiter than white has been found to have posted a sickening comment on Facebook to Huntley Thawe who has appeared on a few TV shows.

Neil makes a disgusting and derogatory comment about people with Dwarfism and then Darren Hogan (Darren Gary Hogan) makes a sick comment about his fantasies with dwarves.   He does this while he is apparently with Huntley Thawe if his facebook status is anything to go by.

The conversation between Neil Wilkes and Darren Gary Hogan then goes onto paedophillia which seems to be a topic of interest with Neil Wilkes and Darren Hogan.

Neil Wilkes also comments about having access to ‘disclosure” for a legal case of Huntley Thawe who seems to be associating with these wrong ‘uns.  Huntley Thawe was unlawfully arrested by police has now turned to an anti-police Facebook group to vent his anger at police.



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