George Vella tries to backpedal but still insists on posting my picture

George Vella, the vile old man from Bedfordshire has again posted more information about me.

This silly little rant by George Vella show he is trying to backpedal & worm his way out of what he has done and said.

It looks increasingly likely that George Vella is working with police forces in their operation to ‘bring me down’.

The comical thing is, George Vella is fully aware of the level police are going to take me down hence Operation Malaya, but yet he makes a foolish comment suggesting that a police officer me… wtf.   Seems he is trying to twist the truth of what is really going on.

But thanks to George Vella, the plot now thickens and he has now implicated the other people who are involved in Operation Malaya from the West Midlands.  So it seems apparent that Lancashire police are trying to draft in anyone with a grudge against me to attack me.

The latest post by George Vella is below.  I would not try to make any sense of it, Vella is notorious for speaking utter shit that make VERY little sense (bizarre as he claims to be a journalist, it must have been for the fucking SUN!)

His comments do highlight a few points (lower down)

George vella stated quite clearly in the past he has never reported me to the police. Now he back pedals like a weasel!  Of course he did, read them here, he was paramount in Lancashire police raiding my house trying to get/destroy my evidence I have on police and their police informant. No such luck.


George Vella wrote: “All statements taken for Maylaya were taken by Lancashire police in person which is what I refused

Further confirmation of the malicious operation Malaya to frame me.  Bullshit he refused, he has a fucking hotline to the police.

George Vella wrote: “Between us we have emails between several police officers that far from making us privvy [sic] to any information can prove that they hid information from us.

He references that he and others have info regarding this police operation. Now why would they know of such an operation unless they were involved?

George Vella wrote: “To this day we have not been informed officially that it has even been closed

Now, why would police notify George Vella ‘officially‘ about the progress or stages of a police operation… unless they were involved.

George Vella wrote: “Why would something that was hardly a murder investigation be given so much time?

George Vella wrote: “There were five officers allocated to take a statement in the West Midlands which by any means seemed over-the-top

Two good questions George, bravo.  Why would police be spending so much time and money just for me?  Protecting a POLICE INFORMANT that is what!

George Vella wrote: “From what little I was told there were a lot of people either in or added to this investigation

How or even why would Vella be told anything about the operation?  Why would he know of other people involved in a supposed secret police operation?  There have been a few comments batted around that George Vella himself is a police informant after his own criminal days as a post office thief.  I never believed at the time but I should have listened to you Sandra.

George Vella wrote: “I offered anyone this information and instead of taking this offer decided to rubbish me again which will only result in a further High Court action.

How about sending it to me then?  Vella seems to be doing a great job of ‘rubbishing himself’ by his fanatical postings, I only repeat what he says. We wish him good look with his ‘high court action’…

And for those wondering what George Vella is on about, he has started a civil case of defamation against me because I called him a VILE OLD MAN.  Yes, it is true, I do think he is a vile old man.  Do you agree?  This is what he said of me in his Facebook group.

George Vella posted malicious comments saying  I contacted a 16 year old boy regarding Gay sex. (the VILE OLD TWISTED C**T)

I wonder why George Vella has got 16 year old boys and Gay Sex on his own mind?

And why would this vile old man say I filmed through a kitchen window.  George Vella gets off on attacking people, he is a VILE OLD MAN appears to be protected by police.


Even in December 2017, George Vella posted a message, malicious in its intent to tease about the secret operation Malaya.  I was aware of the rumours of a secret operation at the time but did not know the name.  George Vella clearly knows all about it.



Mention of Operation Malaya December 2017


The icing on the cake is that Vella must use in all his malicious posts he has made in his schedule of unused material…. he knows wxactly what I mean here.

George Vella is, in my opinion a VILE OLD MAN,

And yes, I stand by that comment!

I hope all of his followers see what he has done to me and others.






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