Rob Ware pre-trial review scheduled 13th May 2019 Liverpool Crown Court – UPDATED

With respect the the private prosecution against Rob Ware, the pre-trial review is scheduled for the 13th May 2019.

UPDATE: 16/5/2019.

I did not attend court.  I called ahead of time on the morning of 13th May and was told that there was nothing listed in court this day.  The court confirmed from the notes that it was scheduled for 13th of May but assured me nothing was listed for that day.  If anyone else has any information, please post to the comments below. 

The Trial case no. is T21090274 with the trial date still scheduled for 2nd september 2019.

This relates to a 5 million pound fraud allegation against him.

Any update relating to this hearing will be posted to this page.

The hearing is in open court and Liverpool Crown Court.



There are a number of ‘trolls’ who feel I am in some way attacking Mr Rob Ware.  I am sure those who are victims of Rob Ware are sickened that I am being attacked for reporting on this con man.  If  you want the details of the trolls, please contact me via this page.  For the record, Rob Ware intentionally robbed me of over £800, and unpaid phone bill.  I provided telecom services to his scam company, Athena.  Not a huge sum compared to others he has robbed.   The fact is,  I was one of the few lucky ones who went after Rob Ware and never stopped until I got my money back.  He was tracked to a residence on the south East  coast and did not expect that ‘knock on the door’…lol

I will ensure  I do my best to see all of his victims get justice and Rob Ware does not scam anyone again.


  1. He’s done nothing against myself but searched his name after reading this and lots of things come up against him so I was intrigued to see what had happened

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