Rob Ware owner of Ware Apart Hotel Liverpool

This web page has been created to warn others about Rob Ware (Robert Herbert Ware) of Athena Property in Liverpool and Ware Apart Hotel in Liverpool.

UPDATE 21.3.2019 – Rob Ware is Currently ON TRIAL at Liverpool Crown Court.
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Update: 5/9/2018

I have been notified that Rob Ware is currently hiding out in Old Colwyn at his sisters house.

Apparently he has been transferring money and property into his sisters name. He has recently bought her a park lodge site in Newcastle. Her name is Jayne Yvonne Smith and you can find her three companies on the companies house website.


I have been contact by a number of legal people wanting to know the address of Rob Ware. 

If you have it, please can you send it via the contact page and I will pass it on.


If  YOU are a victim of Rob Ware, please complete the form at the end of this page.


You can comment on any experiences you have had with Rob Ware or any of his businesses at the bottom of this post.

We would like a photograph of Rob Ware for this website.  If you have one please can you send it to us.

Robert Herbert Ware is a wannabe property developer in Liverpool, or so he would have you believe as all he seems to do is steal money then wind up his companies. Check his current companies by clicking here His latest companies include  SANKEY STREET LIMITED & WELLINGTON VAULTS DEVELOPMENTS LTD

Rob Ware Athena Ware Apart hotelA ‘few’ other companies Rob Ware is the director of is:


He has dozens of Limited Companies that he uses to deceive people to avoid paying his debts.  His companies generally had ‘Ware‘ in the name, maybe he thinks his name is his brand.  This seems to have changed as his name is ‘tainted’.

One of his previous companies is Ware Apart Hotel. (click here to see their website) It had a nice and glossy website to tempt poor unsuspecting customers.

Rob Ware, is well known for scamming his customers, tenants and suppliers out of vast sums of money.  Read some of the awful reviews on his business Facebook page (click here for Athena Facebook page)

Check out the reviews of Rob Ware’s company on the respected click here to see Rob Ware on Yell

Robert Ware was as Solicitor but was disbarred for illegal activity.  He has now turned to property scams.  See him on this website as a struck off solicitor by clicking here (no 1742)

He also likes to threaten anyone who chases unpaid debt click to listen

Rob Ware email address is and his mobile numbers are 07715 934926 and 07756918770 which were collated when he made contact with threats of violence.

Samantha Hunter is Rob Wares partner, (or Ex partner).  Rob and Sam (who has a CCJ) both change directorships of their companies to avoid debt liabilities.  Glyn Barr from Liverpool is also one of the Directors in cahoots with Robert Ware and Samantha Hunter.  Notice how Glyn Barr posts a 5 star review of the company he works, even with fake reviews they struggle.

Check the con artist Rob Ware on the following website showing he is a failure (click here)

Rogue Trader Rob Ware LiverpoolFinally, please click here or the image to the right to contact BBC Rogue Traders who are aware of Rob Ware from Athena / Ware Apart Hotel in Liverpool.

The more people that submit their story, the more publicity Rob Ware (Robert Richard Herbert Ware) will get for his scams and will be investigated.




We have been in touch with Companies House, they have advised the following:

If you suspect fraudulent activity, report the details to Action Fraud – 0300 123 2040

Complain to The Insolvency Service
The Insolvency Service can investigate limited companies when they receive information that suggests serious corporate abuse. Corporate abuse might include:

  • causing significant harm to customers
  • breaking the law (such as fraud)
  • serious misconduct (such as company assets have not been used properly)
  • significant irregularity in a company’s affairs

The Insolvency Service online complaint form:

Telephone: 0300 678 0017
(24-hour answerphone to ask for a form)

If anyone has a photograph of Rob Ware, please send via email or leave comments below.


Please complete the form below if you are a victim of Rob Ware or any of his companies.

The details sent will be in the strictest of confidence but will be passed to the investigating authorities.  This will include Companies House, Action Fraud,  the Insolvency Service and if necessary, the Police.  It is important in the message that you CLEARLY explain your circumstances, i.e., how you are a victim of fraud, or, how you have witnessed illegal activities by Rob Ware or his companies.  The above authorites are now aware of Rob Ware, so the more evidence that can be provided, the better.



Recent reports we hae received:

Asbestos dumping: reported to Liverpool City Council.


  1. As this website is getting in excess of 15,000 hits per month, people are WELL aware of Rob Ware and his fraud. Court has awarded a default judgement so this is going to be further published

    • Judgement was awarded and still no payment so a high court writ was applied for and issued, payment was received… the moral of the story is, DO NOT GIVE IN COLLECTING FROM THIS COMPANY!

  2. chris rigby works for him aswell, hes a balding 20 something weasel of a mine who owes money to contractors all over the city watch him

  3. Rob ware is a fucking joke of a man. I used to work for him and was sick of late wages and no materials. Him and his little ‘guard’ dezzy bailiss got shown up. I’ve seen them bury asbestos on site like it’s nothing and verbally abuse employees

  4. Rob ware is a fucking helmet who has people off For wages has all the leky on the fiddle in all of his buildings and thinks he’s mad floating round in his Bentley with his mum that is on the drip and not even his and grabs tenants round the throat because they owe him a months wages only to find out that the person he strangled wasn’t even the right person and it was a girl ha! Whopper of a man

  5. Don’t have any pics but his gas electric and water are all on the fiddle. There are multiple companies he has also had off for materials

  6. I rented a property from him the last year as a student so low and behold I’ve been robbed. Been trying to get my deposit back for the last month to no avail and as you can imagine I’m desperate to get it back. Brought his name back to he attention of the council and yet nothing seems to have been done

  7. Hi we are also trying to get our deposit back. Our tenancy was with Warehouse but then we changed to Alexander Property Group and then got dumped with another lettings agency, House SL during a tenancy period of 12 months. House SL aren’t being very clear about how we get our deposit back. Our deposit is not recognised by the tenancy deposit service despite stating in the AST that it was. Any advice where we go from here?

  8. xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx x xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx xx it’s a lady called Samantha Jane Moran who is holding all these tenancy deposits . she used to do the same with all of our wages , she’s no better than him and just as guilty if you ask me!

  9. Hi, ive also had an issue trying to recover my student accommodation deposit. I have tried to contact SL House on multiple occasions via telephone and email but have had no reply. There are 12 students who shared this accommodation and none of us have been able to get anywhere with this so i would be hugely grateful for any assistance.

    Further to this, Rob Ware clearly has no care for his properties or tenants. We were left with one toilet and bathroom between 12 of us for a period of 4 months even after asking for this issue to be rectified multiple times. We also had rats and mice at the property which he did not address for a long period. These are just a couple of issues from a long list of many.

  10. He is fat dope. Went to school with him, absolute nobody. Friend of mine, another person who went to school with him, told me about this. He went to SFX, he went to John Moores Uni, he trains at David Lloyd and Dezi Bayliss LMFA “Yerrr a gangster Dezzzy, ammmm not Mum” He couldn’t knock the skin off rice pudding.

  11. Hi there
    How am I able to contact you regarding another case of a deposit, not held securely in a scheme, that has not been refunded?

  12. 16 croxteth road check the electric meters in the basement they were all on the loop with hundreds of pounds owed on them

    • I am not sure but I know it is very easy if you write a ‘Letter before action‘ followed by a Money Claim Online. As long as you have some proof of payment, contacts etc, you WILL get a CCJ. Remember, Rob Ware has an awful reputation and you only need to show ‘on the balance of probabilities‘ that he owes you money.

    • Yes. We got our deposit eventually. My son who was a student, rented a flat in moss lane, Orell Park, Liverpool from Athena properties in May 2015. We lent our son the deposit so wanted it back. After requesting it many times it was obvious we weren’t going to get it. Fortunately it had been put into the tenant deposit protection scheme. So I did some research online about the landlord then lodged a detailed complaint with the DPS. It took about six moths but we eventually got a payment from a building company owned by the landlord. We were very surprised to get it and thankful that the DPS worked for us.

  13. Ask EAD solicitors why their ‘head of commercial’ has been sacked. Robs rat of a best mate Jon Gorman, facilitated major fraud, helped rob rip people off for millions. Call them

    • Are you saying that Jon Gorman was an employee of EAD Solicitors and that he was sacked by EAD Solicitors for alleged criminal behaviour for Rob Ware? Has this been reported to the police?

      • John Gorman was frog marched out of ead in a pair of handcuffs .. your just scratching the surface with this man .. he’s single handily brought about the downfall of senaca a company he’s swindled 7m out of in bridging finance through inflated valuations and insider dealings with his contacts within Lloyds.. seek and you will find .. it goes on and on and on

  14. Not to sure on what action has been taken against him to be honest. He’s 100% been sacked and frog marched off the premises. Give EAD a call see if u can get a comment.

    • I very much doubt EAD will comment about an employee for data protection reasons. When was he sacked? Do you have any proof this relates to Rob Ware? How did you find out this information?

  15. Sorry, if “i hate rob ware” is on perhaps he could email me the information he has said he would send to you, or has he not provided you with anything?

  16. I have been doing some digging on deposits after no luck getting it back and after several phone calls found that my deposit was registered under a different but very similar postcode (1 letter off) so that its near impossible to find on the TDS – names spelt wrong as well just to add to complications. A friend who lives in a property of Alexander property group (which seems to be the latest to be folded) said police have been investigating meters with EoN

  17. I live in a property that is ment to be maintained and looked after by alexander property group. A week after i moved in alexader property dissapeared, noone woukd answer any calls so i decided to go into the eatate agents (on seel street) in liverpool city centre and they have changed there name AGAIN! there new name is ‘off the wall apartments, there new sign has been up for about a month now. I also lived in a property when they were under the name warehouse lifestyle and had to fight for my deposit back (i did get it back after speaking to rob) absolutly disgusting company, robbing hard working people and students of alot of money.

  18. If anyone has recently been involved with this company , who was your letting agent? yes it’s Mr Wares company but the person who pusuades innocent people to sign a contract knowing fully right they are being conned is too responsible am I right? If anybody has any names please provide and I myself will be looking into this matter and reporting the person responsible straight to the police, as I too have my own problems with this company!

  19. Why don’t the men in this chat tell rob ware what you think of him to his face instead of snitching behind a keyboard……grasses

    • Err, you are the same person who wrote the earlier comment of 21/10/2017 9:07am ?

      Not many of Rob Ware ‘s con victims have access to him so do not have the ability to ask him to his face. He hides behind different companies and staff. Those that have asked him, he just makes threats to so, publicity is the only way. Out of interest, if you are so brave, why are you writing anonymously?

  20. Hi, he is now expanding to London. I am renting a flat from a woman called Linda Rogers C/O Athena Property. She owns 2 stories in the building (4 flats in total). The contact person is Philip Smith / 020 3488 1625 / I have complained about the neighbours upstairs who are extremely noisy (they have 2 small kids who are kept in the house all day – and there is no soundproof, just tiles on wood floor), but she doesn’t give a shit. She now claims that I have to work for her on top of my rent which is £1225 / month! and that I hacked her Facebook account and threatens me, keeps calling and texting me. I recently found out that none of the previous tenants got their deposit back. These conmen seem to be using the same tactics as described in another comment: wrong name in the contract, wrong details. One of the other tenants is the victim of identity fraud, so these people are real crooks. Just as described in another comment, the electricity bill is over £3000, even though we all pay rent inclusive of water and electricity. These people need to stop. Please get in touch and I will give you all the information I have.

  21. He threatens everyone with violence to get his own way. I used to work for him never got paid on time and there were always excuses. Apparently he has been working with a solicitor in Liverpool to exploit the banking and legal system. Creating a complex structure and obtaining two mortgages on one property. As mentioned before on this website a bridging company called Seneca has been screwed for many millions of £££.Many banks have had issues too. He ripped a guy off from overseas for millions. Surly the Cops must have caught up with him???some bad people in town have been protecting him I’ve heard.

    • He threatened me (and failed as I called him out) he is a shit bag who prey on the vulnerable. He will get what is coming to him one day 🙂

  22. Yes he’s still at it, he’s now changed his hotel name to off the wall, still in the same office on fleet street and he still has his close allies working for him in there including Samantha , who got my friend to sign a false tenancy knowing fully right the building was being repossessed. These are modern
    Day crooks and Surely the police know what’s going on here and I’m
    Wondering why he and his cronies have not been arrested! So if any bodies having problems with money being owed you know where to find them !!

  23. I’ve worked for ROB THE KNOB .OFF THE WALL is owned by someone called IKE from Walton and guess what Rob is behind it pulling the strings and taking the profit . It,s just a front for Ware Hotel same building’s , same office . Rob only act’s hard when he can get away with it . I’m owed wages and he gets a kick out of making you wait .All his properties are getting taken off him now by the Saudi’s he robbed . IKE was the only one who answered the phone and tried to get you your wages but he must be a puppet now for Rob like Dessie Bayliss was or Rob owes him money like half the gangster’s in Liverpool . Hes probably going to get off with with his new bird Sam and leave a load of bills , same story .

    • Most of Robs properties are going through auction – big shop/apartments on Molyneux in kenny, his office on Slater Street, the old cinema by Aigburth Road. Finally falling apart. Hopefully they’ll slap a lifetime directorship ban on the prick.

  24. To say the guy had all them hotels and was flying just goes to show that being un trustworthy and unloyal to those close to you gets you nowhere , a friend of mine stayed at one of his few remaining apartments he has left not long ago and said they have gone right down the pan and the new bird he’s with has completely ran the company into the ground! Looking at his reviews online this seems to be the case. Oh rob ware you fucked up big time mate

  25. let me say i built the ware apart hotel brand! un knowing it was for a plasic fat bi-polar wannabe gangster kid who owes more moey out than he could ever make!. he was making 2k a week! after 6 weeks off us being there he was making 25k a week from his apartments. he would have all his tennents from his \”athena\” company come into the hotel side lookign for their deposits back! bells rung then! every year he renames and vanishes to steal all student deposits. then the silly fat coke head which i need too add him and his old man dezzy backup! used the penthouse in duke st too cut up their coke what they sell! p.s the money for theese apartments come from saudi investors what rob lagged! and robbed their money. he sits off outside the smackhead alcky cafe on parr st in his rnted bentley and his sad flip flops. as for glenn and the others named yeah thats legit they all take ownership to keep shit moving. rob you fat cunt you owe me 1.5k and \”dezzy the has been\” bayliss cant protect you! sam hold all accounts and money little does she know how many women fattys got on the go! rob i hope you get eye ball cancer you fat prick!

  26. Rob if you check this page. What the actual fuck have you done with your life. You were a clever lad you could of had a good decent life. But no you had to be greedy. You’ve ended up exactly like the ones you looked down on.
    It sounds like you’re in this too deep to even turn it around. What a waste. Your old friends might not be in Bentleys but I tell you what most of them can sleep easily at night and aren’t scared of a knock on the front door. You’re a fucking fool.

    • I would not recommend sending to this email address. The person who has posted it has not identified any information to support his/her intentions.

  27. Thanks for the reply but I would much rather deal with the host of the website (if they come back to me)

  28. Go to trip adviser, search off the wall slater street Liverpool, these reviews will give everyone interested an insight into what’s going on with rob and his bit on the side Samantha , embarrassing I’m telling you!

  29. There is nothing on google to say that is the case. They cant issue bankruptcy proceedings against him personally as all the properties are in company names

  30. Rob Ware has defrauded Seneca Bridging out of £7m. Yes, the case is currently ongoing with Merseyside Police. Jon Gorman of EAD Solicitors was dismissed by EAD for working with Rob Ware on this fraud.
    One of the Seneca Directors had to leave his role because of this (he had nothing to do with it) but took the fall because he didn’t spot the fraud quickly enough. Effectively, Ware with Gormans help removed the lender’s 1st charge allowing them to sell the property again (and again) without ever having to repay the lender. Until they were eventually caught out.
    Seneca Bridging are in a mess and not just because one of their other Directors (Ian Battersby) has been arrested by City of London Police either. Strange company but if you work with dodgy characters…

  31. My friends and I are owed deposits from a property which was to be maintained by Alexander Property Group. The letting agent only recently informed us of Rob Ware and that our deposit was never protected and likely stolen, she mentioned him being in Dubai but not sure if that is true. has anybody ever got their deposits back? if so how?

  32. Thanks for the update Tom. His bankruptcy wont effect him too much as from reading these posts he has very little is in his personal name.

    In response to CH, you could go down the route of small claims court to get your deposit back but if he has claimed bankruptcy the chances are very slim. I wouldnt be surprised if he has shut down all the companies as well so you wouldnt be able to go down that route either.

    In relation to this Seneca scam thats awful. Wouldnt be shocked if his legal rep takes the fall for this and RW just waltzes off into the sunset. Scams will still be going on he will just be a silent director now with someone else being the face of his companies.

    Shocked the SRA or Law Society havent got involved with his Legal boffin but maybe they are waiting for the police to do their bit

  33. Sorry in addition to my above post I have heard that this seneca thing is true Tom.

    A friend of mine knows some people in the company and was told me pretty much the same thing about the fraud and what happened. I only put two and two together when i saw the posts on here and realised it was the same scam

  34. He was made bankrupt in May . Both Ware and Goreman close to being indicted in a private prosecution . Next year both will be doing minimum 8 years with world wide assets froze including book keeper Graham Wortley ,Sally Anne,and Ann Marie

  35. Why is Gorman still listed on the law society website?Why arent the Law Society dealing with him?strike him off and lock him and Ware up.Stealing hardworking peoples money and causing companies to go under.Greed..pure greed. With there stupid girlfriends enjoying the dodgee money.Gorman and Ware used the fact they were solicitors to gain trust which makes them scum and sons to be ashamed of thats for sure.They should be dealt with harshly and be made to pay back every penny.

  36. So many comments on here but no one has mentioned Ware’s partner in crime, the smiling assassin Graham Wortley. He is just as bad, if not worse than Ware. He has reeled in so many unsuspecting investors who had gained his trust from previous deals which were legitimate, most of these people he had struck up friendships with which he wasn’t bothered throwing away for the sake of a few quid.

    No wonder his business partner ran for the hills, he was the one with the conscience. Wortley is a snake and just as guilty as Ware. No one else working for any of Wares previous companies had as much insight into finances and what Ware was up to.

  37. A lot is being said about rob being a thief but nothings being said about how much of an evil twisted person he really is. If you know anyone who’s befriended him or even worse has been manipulated into a relationship with him then please let these people know they need to get away from him ASAP. He will literally try his best to ruin their lives, he’s a high functioning narsassistic sociopath and is extremely dangerous to be around. He will lie and use anyone he can to his advantage and is extremely dangerous expecially around women , this man needs to be locked up for serious domestic violence assaults against many women he has lured in and abused never mind fraud, so please take this as a warning and get out while you can ! Rob I hope I read the paper one day and find out your dead, then I’ll be able to live in peace you vile twisted man.

  38. The fraud he is charged with is a small part of the shit he has been up to.

    The legal claims against EAD were at least £15m.

    I feel sorry for any firm that employed Gorman and if they’ve encountered irregularities or have claims coming in they’re probably as screwed as EAD.

  39. Hope he gets done for the RedCliff Mansion New Brighton the hurt ,pain and stress he has caused those people who live there!!
    They should be locked up now never mind being waiting to be sentenced and wasting tax payers money.

  40. Shame so many people have been conned. This man obviously has no shame or consideration how can he get away with all of this !!! Must have assets somewhere hopefully court will dig very deep. Heard he had house in Heswall !! With Girlfriend.

  41. I’m a totally gobsmacked, that with all this fraud, and the innocent people been robbed of there life savings these two have been granted unconditional bail. the residents of Wellington Road are still unable to register there properties which they brought over 2 yrs ago. and the building is a disgrace, the sickening trail of destruction, these 2 solicitors has brought to people lives, is unbelievable.the companies they have swindled millions from and untold heartache, there are looking a lengthy prison sentences hope the courts revoked there passports.

  42. Nothing in Liverpool echo unfortunately yet.
    I’d have thought maybe lot of information around after hearing.
    Are you affected by all of this it’s awful situations.

  43. G cross:

    Ware was selling properties and Gorman was a solicitor acting for buyer. He was colluding with Ware and not registering titles. That allowed Ware to raise finance. Seneca lost a ton of money and EAD were forced into administration as they were hit with 15m worth of claims. Both on trial for mortgage fraud which is the tip of the iceberg in a massive case.

  44. Someone who care. got it wrong he got the location right LCC.
    The date is the 21st March both Rats on the same day.

    • Can you confirm the date? ‘someone who cares’ claims it was Liverpool Crown Court that confirmed the new date yet you say it it is still the 21st. There are, lets say, similarities between your comment ‘rat catcher’ and ‘someone who cares’

  45. Does anyone know what happened in the court yesterday? WE should protest outside the courts
    They can not get away with all they have done!!!

  46. As it stands this case concerns that of Christopher snow and WH snow companies that was facing a loss, or harm.
    What about the unsuspecting lay people that have loss Millions on his scams,if the CPS take the case over, as stated in the pub chat update, are all his victims getting the chance to put forward there cases? i think not! he is only going to trial for this charge, the whole extent of his antics will go relevantly unheard, the police and CPS should be investigating and prosecuting all his scams, not just one company.

  47. They are only getting done for this one thing ! What about the victims of the properties and his other other scams So no he is not being held to ACCOUNT!! That why Everyone who he has been Effected should protest . The POILCE and CPS should be investigating. I do agree with G Cross.

  48. All these buyers of his properties must have had solicitors acting on their behalf aren’t they accountable and a claim from their indemnity insurance carried out to help rectify the issues.
    Surely he can’t just walk away from this and representatives must be claimed against

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