Rob Ware criminal trial update Liverpool Crown Court 21/3/2019

Defendants Rob Ware and Jonathan Gorman attended court today faced with allegations of fraud amounting to over £5 million.

The court was an open court with no reporting restrictions.

The hearing today was a Trail Preparation Hearing.  No plea was entered.  A Not Guilty Plea is expected.

A PTR (Pre Trial Review) has been set for 13th May 2019 and is expected to last half a day.

A trial date has been set for 2nd September 2019 at Liverpool Crown Court.

The trial is expected to last between 2 to 3 weeks (prosecution say 2 weeks, the defence say 3 weeks).

The trial is expected to involve 1’000 of document of evidence.  so far, over 300 pages of evidence have been submitted.

A trial judge is yet to be allocated.

While the trial is a private prosecution, CPS are aware of the private prosecution and will be making a decision whether to take over the case or not, this decision will be no later than 19th April.

A letter read by the judge indicated that it was a strong chance CPS would take over the case the prosecution described the case as being in ‘good order’.

It is understood that Rob Ware may be making an application to dismiss the charges.

On leaving the court, I caught up with Rob Ware and asked him a few questions on video.

  1. Do you have any comments about the allegations of stealing deposits from your tenants.
  2. Do you have any comments about the allegations of dumping asbestos around Liverpool
  3. Do you have any concerns for the people who may become ill from the alleged asbestos dumping?
  4. Do you have any knowledge about the arson attack on my house!

Rob Ware responded to the questions saying “Is there any need for all this?“.

His solicitor advised him not to say anything else.

His solicitor, reported as being from ‘Kenneth Burrows Solicitors‘  is being privately funded by Rob Ware although there appears to be little about this company online.  Jonathan Gorman’s defence is funded by Legal Aid.

Rob Ware was driven away in a 2014 Hyundai i30.

Rob Ware is alleged to have committed fraud of over £5 million.

I will be at each stage of the trial and update my report here.

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[…] UPDATE 21.3.2019 – Rob Ware is Currently ON TRIAL at Liverpool Crown Court. click Here for full details here […]

G. cross
G. cross
5 years ago

what about Redcliffe mansion where he promises luxury apartments only to rip off the tenants of there life savings. these apartments are not finished and nor do they have a free holder. 2 yrs on and still can not be registered in the tenants names although redcliffe is still thought to be owned by Mr ware. he keeps changing the directors, none of which can be contacted. this bloke should be in jail now along with all his other scum associates. Robert ware bankrucy finishes in May 2019 i wonder who else he will move onto to rip off.

Gorman the second
Gorman the second
5 years ago

Let’s not forget that the 5.9m charge is just what he has been charged with.

EAD as reported by the law Gazette had 15m of claims in relation to transactions by one employee e.g. Gorman.

I wouldn’t he surprised if former employees of Gorman also close or go into pre pack administration.


[…] respect the the private prosecution against Rob Ware, the pre-trial review is scheduled for the 13th May […]

4 years ago

So sorry to hear about the arson attack…?!!!!!
Sending positive vibes & power your way from someone else who has fell foul of this man (although only at a cast of £500 wages and stress)

Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith
4 years ago

Any updates on his trial

phil smith
phil smith
4 years ago

is there any update on the trial

Gillian Cross
Gillian Cross
3 years ago

Legal Futures posted a second summary Judgement arising out of fraudulent activities of a business man at EAD posted 1st September 2020