Rob Ware illegally dumping asbestos in Liverpool Merseyside.

I have had a number or concerning emails from people who have reported asbestos dumping around Liverpool by Rob Ware.

Asbestos can cause cancer and chronic respiratory diseases after any asbestos fibers are inhaled or ingested.

Read about the dangers on the following government website

Rob Ware is a con man who has been charged for serious fraud and facing a crown court trial.  We are triggering an investigation into this new allegation which we have reason to believe that has potentially affected the health of a number of people.

Rob Ware has no concerns for the welfare of his staff, his tenants or the general public at all.  All this vile piece of shit is interested in doing is lining his own pockets and he does not care who is affected by his actions.  He is the lowest of the low.

Asbestos is LETHAL, exposure to asbestos can kill you.  Illegally dumping it puts anyone in the vicinity of the asbestos in serious risk of serious health issues, including a long suffering before death.

If you have ANY information, however small about Rob Ware and his asbestos dumping, please let us know.  You can remain anonymous or give your details, that is up to you.  You can also report it anonymously via Crime Stoppers.   This has been reported to the HSE who are currently investigating.

The illegal asbestos dumping has been reported in the following locations around Liverpool, Merseyside:

If you live or work in any of the above locations, we would encourage you to report this to police.  If the allegations are true, this could have serious health risks to you, your family or work colleagues.


There are a number of trolls who allege ‘I‘ am attacking Rob Ware with this website!  I will not name them (‘yet‘), but once Rob Ware has faced the courts and all the evidence is in public, these trolls will be fully exposed (names, photos, addresses) on these articles so that all the victims of Rob Ware can direct their frustration at these trolls who have tried so hard to hamper the investigation into Rob Ware.

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