More intentional lies by Vella and threats by Neil Wilkes

For those people who are in a Facebook group administered by George Vella and Neil Wilkes called “Police Corruption And Wrongdoing“, I am posting this article to highlight the lies this vile man keeps spreading about me and other people.

In a recent post, he has said the following utter lies:

Some idiot that attacks children in Lancashire has said I am booting people out. This is not true hence more are joining. However we have removed Teresa Davidson because she was screenshotting and forwarding private messages to them who are under police investigation and has now put herself in the position of being called as a witness. By using the word Heil against me is hate crime as it was the word that was used to bring the SS to attention and we all know how many they killed. Neil Wilkes has contacted the person involved who claims in screenshots not to know him yet continues to abuse him for almost 3-years. Using a spider program we have all the evdence now available and it has been forwarded on to the police concerned. I find it funny that this person was releasing a book in Febuaray which never came to light and also posted that he wanted nothing to do with Neil or myself yet continues to post lies about us. A libel action has already been started which no doubt he will be informed of soon.

George Vella has posted a defamatory comment saying I attack children.  This is a pathetic and malicious attempt to harm me by this vile old man who, ironically has criminal convictions for robbing post offices!.

I have never attacked a child…!  I had, I would have a conviction for assaulting a child you fool.   This is all part of a malicious attack on me from numerous people simply twisting any facts.  The fact this moronic comment came from was I was attacked by a 17 year old drug dealer kid who punched me in the face and robbed my phone.  He was charged and convicted of this.  I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD, when will you trolls learn. I do hope someone does the same to you!

He goes on to say Neil Wilkes contacted me….

Slight twisting of the truth.  What Neil Wilkes actually did was send me a private message, out of the blue, threatening me saying

Mention my name on the fucking internet ya prick and I’ll come knocking on the door of [**redacted**] Road in the near future. If u got a fucking problem with me come and fucking meet ya little jumped up fucking prick. Say this shit to my face .. I fucking dare you. 23 dy47ty just for good measure. See you soon beadles about

I have no option but to make this threatening comment public which now makes his threat live!


Update, I have received a further threat by Neil Wilkes and Malicious Communications.  He is sending messages but blocking replies.



The threatening comments he made were published as written to my.  I obviously removed my personal data but the data he provided is part of the threat and published for that reason.  Anything that is sent to me from Neil Wilkes will be published here.  I want you to STOP messaging me, you have been reported to the police.


This is a clear threat of violence and was repeated in a second comment making it harassment. 

It is no secret I post comments on line that people may not like.  This is no different to any journalist who present and report facts.  This is my right under freedom of speech and will not please everybody.  The point is, what I post is researched and based on evidence, I do NOT make up lies in retaliation like most of the trolls I encounter, this is the difference.  If you do not like what I say, fine, tell me, but if you threaten me or my family or post malicious comments, then that will not be tolerated.


Remember, this is ‘MIGGSY’ who will have you counting in his name rather than sheep.  Be warned, we all know how he destroyed West Midlands Police with his private prosecution, rumours have it he drained them of £4.32..

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Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
5 years ago

Vella threatened legal and civil action against me over 2 yrs ago . Im still waiting for the civil action as the police gave him a arse kicking for his false sllegations .

Guess who cocksucker?
Guess who cocksucker?
5 years ago

You may have my ip address, but I have shahged your wife.


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[…] More intentional lies by Vella and threats by Neil Wilkes […]

4 years ago

What an absolute plank.

Vella and Miggsy are like a modern day Laurel & Hardy. The farcical court cases are getting funnier by the hour!!