Never question the Vella’drome

The boss has spoken and is going to boot out everyone who has ‘never’ commented or liked a post.  That will leave about 20 members… interesting…


Poor Teresa Davidson (see below), she was booted out of this group for actually messaging Vella…  I have since spoken with Teresa and discovered she has had a previous awful experience.  She went to this group for help and was treated like dirt by the site admins.  It just goes to show how evil this group is.  All it does is regurgitate news from the media and claims to have legal knowledge to help but dare you ask anything…

Next he will be telling us NW is suing the police again… funny thing is, Heil vella’drome said he/they would never sue the police, it was never about money.. yet NW is scraping pennies from them in petty claims cos that is all he can do and then two embarrassed to say how much/little he got. {{BOOM}} wtf!



26/2/2019 – 5109, let the cull begin.

27/2/2019 – Well, over 24 hours since his lordship spoke and the numbers are now…… 5109. haha. What a prick.

28/2/2019 – Still 5109.

1/3/2019 – 5208 – the cull has started.

18/3/2019 – 5136 – holy shit, they are dropping like flies. A cull of 0.014 %… frightening.


Here are a few of his groups comments reacting to the threat of a cull.

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5 years ago

Why won’t you say this to the people involved?? I’ve seen a post today where you deny knowing the people mentioned. Do you know them or do you not