James Whitehead of Ormskirk convicted of Assault… again

James Whitehead of Hayfield Road in Ormskirk was today convicted of assault (February 25th 2019), at Preston Magistrates.  He has now racked up his 17th criminal conviction in less than 10 years.

Even after so many repeat offences, the court saw fit to give him a small fine and again James Whitehead avoids prison.  No doubt he will offend again based on his previous convictions.

It was not long ago that James Whitehead was convicted of a knife crime against his own sister!


For this despicable crime against his own sister, James Whitehead avoided jail, receiving a suspended 10 month custodial sentence, suspend for 2 year.  Even during this time he was reported for harassment and threats of violence yet no further action was taken against him as he gave a false name to the Police.


James Whitehead admitted intentionally pushing a man off a high powered motorcycle causing substantial damage to the bike, a civil claim for the costs is now underway.

James Whitehead comically claimed in court that the man, sitting on the bike was causing him to feel threatened.  Whitehead admitted in court that he approached the man on the bike shouting abuse at him, he admitted to the court that the man did not even take his hands off the motorcycle handle bars yet somehow tried to claim he acted in self defence?  Magistrates found him guilty.

Police attended the scene and after reviewing the CCTV evidence arrested and charged Whitehead.

Whitehead was given a fine of approx £400 and a 6 month restraining order preventing him from entering Yew Tree Road.  Anyone seeing him on Yew Tree Road should report this immediately to police.


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