Rob Ware now charged with 5.9 million fraud

Another success story from this website

Since our campaign to publish Rob Ware of Athena and his other scam companies, Rob Ware has been charged with Fraud.

See this Liverpool echo article

It says he is a lawyer, in fact he was kicked out for being, a con man.

Sarah Stuart is bringing the prosecution, supported by substantial evidence gathered from our website, all communication from victims of Rob Ware have been forwarded to Sarah over the past 12 months. I have even met up with Sarah Stuart regarding this and other matters.

Ware was granted unconditional bail and told to appear at the Crown Court in late March.

If anyone can confirm the date?  I have it as 21st March at Sefton Magistrates Court for Rob Ware.

I will attend the hearing and report it in full on this website.

Also, a photo of Rob Ware would also be appreciated although I may be able to grab one of him at the hearing, wearing his lovely tracksuit haha.

My beef with Rob Ware was he tried to con me out of around £1,000 so I took Rob Ware, the piece of shit to court and I beat him. I wooped his arse.   He still didn’t pay so, via Cobra Financial Solutions Ltd (a top debt collection company in Liverpool), we sent high court enforcement officers who recovered the money the same day.

His is a cocky prick who thinks he is untouchable, yet I beat him because he is nothing more than a low life piece of shit and is now finished!

If anyone knows of additional companies associated to Rob Ware, post them here

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5 years ago

21st March Liverpool crown court

G. cross
G. cross
5 years ago

Company’s house stating he is still active on three different companies to date as director.

4 years ago

I had dealings with both
Up to their eyeballs in fraud.
Has there been any update on this case?