Rosie Cooper West Lancashire MP. A hypocrite that turned a blind eye to police corruption

Rosie Cooper MP of West Lancashire turns a blind eye to police corruption

Rosie Cooper MP of West Lancashire is a spineless Hypocrite.

Rosie Cooper is fully aware of Lancashire police protecting a police informant named Paul Turner from Skelmersdale. She is also aware how Lancashire police attempted to frame me, an innocent man for crimes I did not commit.  I was acquitted of all 4 fabricated charges!

How can spineless Rosie Cooper MP stand back and do nothing.

Rosie Cooper needed the police herself when her own life was threatened in 2017.

Rosie Cooper MP was quoted as saying   I’d also like to thank Lancashire and Merseyside Police and the counter terrorism police who have supported me greatly, and who have kept me, my staff and the general public safe.Source:

What an utter selfless statement by Rosie Cooper. As long as they support her, she claims they protect all!

While Rosie Cooper MP was getting all this help and support from Lancashire police she knew I was getting framed.  This is evident as Rosie Cooper even questioned the Chief Constable about the police Informant who threatened my wife and children Rosie Cooper even called for an investigation into police misconduct & corruption.

Rosie Cooper has gone VERY silent since Lancashire police helped her.

When Paul Turner the police informant threatened to KILL my wife and children, what did Rosie Cooper do… F*** all.

Now Lancashire police have appologied to me and paid me £35k compensation.  They also paid approx £100k in legal fees to try to silence me.  What has Rosie done about this.  F*** all.

Lancashire police framed me for crimes I did not commit then maliciously prosecuted me.

They deleted CCTV from the police station (they have admitted this).   They failed to get conclusive CCTV from the Yew tree Pub where the incident took place.  It was fully captured and a witness was reported to have been show this footage by the Landlord.  The CCTV clearly shown me being beaten by the police yet, this footage disappeared and the Landlord became a witness for the police (the magistrates saw right through this and dismissed him)

The Magistrates also saw straight through the police bullshit and criticised their LYING police officers. I was violently assaulted in front of my children by an officer.  I was stripped and sexually assaulted by another officer from Ormskirk!

Lancashire police then fabricated a number of criminal offences against me to frame me for crimes I did not commit to protect Paul Turner the police informant.  I was of course acquitted by the courts and successfully sued the ass out of Lancashire police.

So, I ask you Rosie Cooper, do you still stand by your comment that Lancashire Police have ‘kept the public safe‘… or, are you referring to Lancashire Police keeping YOU safe and line most politician, you think of yourself  and f**k the rest of us.

Now, Lancashire police settled out of court at a cost of £135k to all of us tax payers. They did NOT want it to get to court.

The statements that were provided for the civil claim were substantially different to the statements used at the criminal trial where I was acquitted.  Yes, the police statements had changed.

The officer mysterious gained extra injuries 4 years later in his statement for the civil trial that he did not have at the criminal trial.  I have been threatened by Lancashire police that if I reveal the statements though, I will be prosecuted.


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