Paul Turner now mentioned in the news £135k of public money wasted!

Police have settled, £35k in damages for injuries, + £100k for legal fees.  Is Paul Turner really worth that much out of the public money!

This entire incident as reported in the Liverpool Echo was because Lancashire police failed to investigate or prosecute Paul Turner simply because he is or was a police informer (snitch).  Paul Turner has confessed to being a Police Informer in his own tribunal that he lodged.

Lancashire police are prepared to payout in total, around £135k to a victim after they set him up to protect a snitch!

In retaliation, and to try and stop Mr Ponting pursuing actions against Turner, police tried to arrest him and intimidate him to silence him.

There are still 3 more claims against Lancashire police.  Two of which involve Paul Turner!  One of those is where an officer (allegedly Paul Turner’s police handler) provided confidential information about their 13 year old son to Paul Turner who then posted in publicly on the internet.  Paul Turner does not stop at snitching, he then attacks woman and children.  What a guy!

It is believed that Paul Turner has, or is considering leaving the country and going to Benidorm!

Lancashire police force are rotten to the core for protecting him.  You will NEVER be forgiven for this.

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Danny P
5 years ago

It doesnt mention about you getting your arse fingered by the plodd 😀