Skelmersdale web troll, Paul Turner is back!

Paul Turner from Skelmersdale is back, as he proudly states on his website…!

His website, which has no followers, but is public can be viewed by clicking here

You probably have no idea who Paul Turner is, after all, he really is no one, but to many people in the area and especially one family (my family), he has maliciously and intentionally attempted to ruin our lives. Click here to see the article published in the National press.

Paul Turner is currently under investigation (at the time of writing)  by a multi organisation investigation conducted by the IPCC, the ICO, Lancashire Police and now Cumbria Police.

The IPCC are involved as Paul Turner is a self confessed Police Informer (read about this here)  and it is alleged that he has been protected by a number of officers in Lancashire Police.  The IPCC are investigating Lancashire Police for their misconduct, this is being conducted by a different Police force (Cumbria Police).

The ICO are involved as Paul Turner received leaked confidential information from a police officer in Lancashire CID,  and then Paul Turner then published it online.  The information was about a 13 year old child.  Paul Turner published it to cause alarm and distress to the child and the child’s parents.

Paul Turner has also been given a harassment warning (click here to view it) for threatening to kill the same child the year before yet the officer of Skelmersdale CID felt it ‘necessary’ to provide he with the child information!

Paul Turner is an ex-employee of mine, Paul Ponting, the owner of Danoli Solutions Ltd.  I had the task of dismissing Paul Turner for gross misconduct.

After a number of Police visits to Paul Turner, he confirmed to them that he was dismissed for legitimate reasons (click here to see this Police report), proving his hate campaign was nothing more than vexatious for him being dismissed and that his Industrial Tribunal that he then decided to start was simply an attempt to gain money and money.  Neither paid off.  Click here to read his industrial tribunal document where he also admits to being a Police Informer.

Rather than man up and move on, Paul Turner decided to undertake a hate campaign against my family and I.  Here is a blog of just some on the online harassment and malicious communications Paul Turner published about my family.  Click here to open in a new window

This is his latest website where he now makes some absurd comments which I will comment on in red and debunk.
Paul turner Skelmersdale

This is the text, taken verbatim from Paul Turners webpage on 2/11/2016. (screenshot above).  My comments below are in red.


Over the last 3 and a half years I have had to deal with some personal issues that at times have been extremely stressful.

Stressful because Paul Turner has been given a harassment warning (see police evidence of this warning) and being interviewed under Police Caution multiple times by Lancashire Police for numerous crimes against my family and I.  

Lancashire Police have confirmed his misconduct and confirmed they screwed up in their investigation against him. (intentionally we believe)

I lost my job back in 2013 and at the time I was unsure of my future. I have suffered with bouts of depression since my teens even resorting to self harm and I have had many dark days not knowing if I would pull through them.

Sacked for GROSS Misconduct! Not my problem.  Is this his excuse for the harm he has caused!

As many of you know life can be extremely tough at times. It also seems at times that every time you turn on the TV or view online news stories the world seems like a bleak place and very depressing at times! With constant stories of war, terrorists killing innocent people, children being left homeless in war torn countries or losing their lives trying to flee to better places, job cuts and benefit cuts, hospitals and schools losing more and more funding, less money for the sick and disabled… the list goes on and on and it gets you down constantly hearing it with nothing positive really happening to change it. I used to be on the social network Facebook…

Unreal, anyone that knows Paul Turner will know this is a pathetic attempt to look ‘whiter than white’. 

Paul Turner is still on Facebook using a hidden account, I am updated by a trusted circle on his activity as he is still targeting my family. A website of his has recently been taken offline due to harassment (read about this here) and he is a suspect in an Arson attack at my home!

His rubbish above is unbelievable considering his online campaign of hatred towards innocent people and my children! Click here

…but I felt like every other story was more depressing than the last and with people constantly sharing stories targeting poor innocent migrants, or some being racist towards Muslims, others drumming up hatred towards to the police and politicians, sharing shocking videos and other depressing stuff I decided to close my account.

…being racist towards Muslims…!!!!!!
Paul Turner is extremely racist and has been investigated by Lancashire Police for racism.  The following links are comments posted by Paul Turner calling Muslims ‘curry eating towel heads‘ and calling for Nigerians to be bombed by saying ‘bomb the fuck out of Nigera‘.  Police have investigated and confirmed this is a racist attack by Paul Turner but decided ‘not to charge him‘.  

…sharing shocking videos…!!!!!
Paul Turner posted a video on his public Facebook wall of a Muslim man being killed by a train, his comments were “1 down a million to go“. 

Click to see article where Paul Turner calls Muslims ‘Curry Eating Towel Heads

Click to see article where Paul Turner was all Nigerians bombed.


I feel like there is not enough positive messages being shared either in the media or online. Its almost like they are trying to keep us in a state of anxiety or depression!

Like I said I have battled depression most of my life and now I am older and have lived with it for such a long time I am able to get a grip of it much better than I once could. I have a number of things that help me nowadays.

Paul Turner is (or at least was) a heavy cocaine user (Paul Turner had an operation on his nose due to cocaine usage) and steroid user (confirmed in his ‘side of events’).  During an MMA fight that I took my 12 year old son to see , Paul Turner was also there and ‘high as a kite‘.  My son witnessed him shovelling powder up his nose and asked me what he was doing. See the page image!

As you may know working out can really help with your mood. Not only do you get fit and healthy but working out and lifting weights can increase the levels of serotonin in the brain which help you feel better, it also releases endorphin’s. I workout a few times a week and that has helped with my depression. I also enjoy learning boxing and doing martial arts. These really test me in different ways than lifting weights do. Obviously fitness is a big factor with both these sports ( which Im still working on by the way ) but mental strength and discipline are two other factors that have really helped me these last few years.

The last few years, Paul Turner has continued a persistent and vile hate campaign against myself and my family. See much of it here

When I was a teenager I had problems channelling my aggression and expressing myself. I find martial arts and boxing help me in ways I never thought possible. My instructors push me to my absolute limit, I collapse in a sweaty heap at least 5 times a session! I feel I am a much calmer person as a result of my training and much more positive in my life and my future.

Paul Turner is anything but calm.  He is vexatious, malicious and callous.

Two of the other little things that help me stay focused are some decent motivational tunes, I use Spotify and have a great playlist with my workout music on it. The other little tip that helps me is having some motivational posters on my walls. I have a number of different posters that I have purchased that help push me on and motivate me a little more when I need it most.

I know the world can still be a very bad place at times and I know there are plenty of bad people in it but I can honestly say I feel personally I’m in a much better position to tackle it both mentally and physically by doing the things I do each day. I hope you find some of this useful and if you would like to chat about anything I have mentioned here get in touch ?

The world can be an awful place, especially when we have people such as Paul Turner who is a vile web troll, desperate to hide his past with is ridiculous blog comments.

Here is a little bit of positivity I tell myself that reminds me to stay focused when needed –

I will never quit, its not an option. If I stumble, I will get back up. Train hard, fight easy. Keep moving forward. Be smart. What happened yesterday no longer matters, the past is the past. Today’s another day, get back on track and move closer to my dreams and goals.Pabs

Paul Turner has never quit his malicious campaign.  He states to ‘be smart’ which is his tactic to avoid detection however as you will see from the links provided, he is slowly but surely being backed into a corner.  He foolishly seems to think that ‘what happened yesterday no longer matters’, proof that he has no grasp on reality and how his actions have ruined a family.


Paul Turner Skelmersdale is trying to paint a picture that he is whiter than white, well, unfortunately, the past will never be forgotten and what he did to my family and I, will always make this public to ensure no one else falls prey to this troll!

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