Convicted Paedophile Colin Crawford damages charity website

Colin Crawford from Skelmersdale is a convicted Paedophile

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colin crawford skelmersdale paedophileBefore Colin Crawford, this filthy disgusting pervert,  was caught with 22,000 images of child porn and animal porn, he had applied for a job in my company.

He was turned down simply because he was not up to the job. He then went, believe it or not, and joined up with a known web troll of all people who lives in the same road, Eskdale in Skelmersdale.  A joint attack (I do attract them !!)

Colin Crawford, was a wannabee web designer, calling himself Greenleaf Web Solutions.

He designed a few website for a few customers, just before getting caught with a sick stash of child porn and animal porn for which he was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

During his prison sentence, I had noticed a few of his customers websites were damaged, infected by viruses etc, so knowing Colin Crawford was in prison, I contacted a few of his customer and told them the news and offered web services to them (free for the duration of their contract) and free migration and repairs as Colin had left them in the lurch with zero maintenance and duff websites.

After he was released from prison, the Skelmersdale paedophile, Colin Crawford, verbally attacked one of his customers (of a charity website) for moving away.

The owner of this charity website has young children and animals and after seeing what Colin Crawford the paedophile had been up to with children and animals, understandingly wanted to move away.

Colin Crawford actually tried to tell the website owner (and mother) that the real reason for him downloading 22,000 sick child pornographic images and sick animal porn was because he was trying to help children.  While Colin Crawford is still in this mindset, he should NOT be allowed within a mile of any child and banned from internet access.

He is a dangerous individual who believes he was ‘helping children‘ by downloading and watching pornographic child abuse videos!

The website Colin Crawford hosted for the charity worker was broken so the owner asked Colin Crawford to assist with the backups, but he Skelmersdale Paedophile, Colin Crawford refused and continued a verbal attack on her for moving and also a verbal attack on me for trying to help her get her website back operational.

This is Colin Crawford’s his LinkedIn profile, he forgot to add he is a convicted Paedophile!

He has now been ordered to sign the sex offenders register for 10 years but seems to be very active on the internet as he uses a hotmail email account ‘’

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