Suspect info and timeline for arson attack in Ormskirk 9th March 2017

We have discovered evidence that links this arson attack to to Darren Hogan (aka Velasques), Hugh Abercrombie and Paul Turner

We have evidence that links the above named people to each other. (conspiracy to commit arson with intent to endanger life)

We have evidence that all of the above named simpletons have made threats to kill my family.

UPDATE 5/6/2017
Darren HOGAN (aka Darren Velasques) has been charged with Malicious Communications & Harassment. He is summonsed to Court Wallsall & Aldridge Magistrates Court on 6/7/2017 at 10am and is expected to enter a not guilty plea.

UPDATE 11/04/2017: Hugh Abercrombie is still making contact with us, claiming to be ‘trying to help’.  He has been reported to Police for threatening to kill is.

UPDATE 16/3/2017: We have been told of another alias name used by Darren Hogan for trolling is Brandon Scott

UPDATE 15/3/2017: Darren Hogan (Valasques) sent a message to me saying that he condones the arson attack on my family and praises the attacker whoever it was. Evidence sent to police.

UPDATE 14/3/2017: Darren Hogan (Velasques) makes references to firearms in  a message to me. He later deleted this, we did get a screen shot. Evidence sent to police.

UPDATE 14/3/2017: Paul Turner has been found by Police and questioned under caution.  We have no information about the outcome of this interview other than he has now been located.

UPDATE 13/3/2017: Further evidence discovered at – 14:15: We have just discovered that this burn injury is a fake. Someone has gone out of their way to intentionally hamper this serious investigation of arson which has caused my family more distress.

The image below was posted by a fake profile that is linked to Darren Hogan (aka Darren Velasques) of Wolverhampton BJJ.


FAKE IMAGE used to hamper police investigation.

This in itself is a crime and has been reported to the Police who have evidence linking this too one of two likely suspects.

New evidence has been supplied that Darren Velasques is Darren Hogan (unconfirmed at this stage).  This is a YouTube video of Darren Hogan in an MMA fight.  He has the same neck tattoo and the images of this fight are on the Darren Valesques twitter page.

In this fight, it is clear that ‘Hogan’ (who gets beaten) is Darren Valesques.

Very strangely, Darren Hogan (or whatever his name is), uses a still image from this fight that he got has arse whooped as the profile picture of his twitter account.

This is the screenshot of Darren Hogan (aka Velasques) twitter page.  This is a still from the same fight as above.

Darren Velasques who is a coach at Wolverhampton Brazilian Jiu Jujitsu Club, he teaches KIDS.  He made changes to his Facebook page, further evidence to suggest that he has a burn injury.  This is clear evidence that he is a prime suspect to the arson attack OR a disgusting troll determined to cause as much distress to my family as he possibly can.

Darren Velesques who is a trainer at Wolverhampton BJJ has posted the following.   Is he trolling arson victims or is he the arsonist.


A further update.  Darren Velasques has refused to provide a photograph of his right hand, he did change his profile on Facebook to this photograph at 5:15pm today, 11/3/2017.

Neil Miggsy Wilkes made a comment on the above picture asking Darren if he had burnt his hand?  This has now been removed, however we do have a screenshot.



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