TWO Police forces confirm George Vella is a Liar

News just in about George VELLA from Bedfordshire.  He and Neil Wilkes of Wolverhampton have been confirmed as a liars TWICE in one day by two different police forces. Lancashire and Cambridgeshire.

A letter from Lancashire police has been received confirming that a PS Jo Daly, the officer that George Vella and Neil Wilkes ‘claimed‘ to have met in a police station in Merseyside, was in fact confirmed at another location at the time George Vella and Neil Wilkes fabricated this story about a police officer.

Lancashire Police have confirmed that George Vella and Neil Wilkes are both lairs. George Vella and Neil Wilkes are admins of the Facebook group, Police Corruption and Wrongdoing.  Neil Wilkes is himself trying to bring a case against police yet his open lies are doing wonders for his credibility.

This will be looked into as wasting police time and causing intentional alarm and distress.

This is what Neil Wilkes and George Vella posted.

George Vella and Neil Wilkes have both been constantly on the phone to Lancashire Police Sergeant Joanne Daly.  Even had confirmation that PS Jo Daly called Neil Wilkes who was driving at the time and was told by her to pull over.  Information on this will be posted soon.

Now, what are the odds that with all this contact with a PS Jo Daly of Lancashire Police by Vella and Wilkes, that the comment made by Wilkes about meeting a ‘Jo Daily’, going to Lancashire, and George Vella adding they met with a Police Officer…

…just what would the odds be of this being another person they met, maybe a bloke called Joe Daily?

George Vella is a compulsive liar and keeps lying even when his lies are uncovered.

Updates now doubt to follow…


I have also just found out about a certain bogus allegation Vella had about someone in Cambridgeshire, the case was NFA’d. (for a 2nd time).

Police confirmed it was NFA’d the first time but only looked into the case because George Vella spat his dummy out and stamped his tiny feet and went off crying to the IOPC with threats of police complaints.

Vella has since made false claims that this case was with the CPS awaiting a charge…lol

I will not repeat what the police officer said, but suffice to say, he said that George Vella was a liar and it NEVER went anywhere near the CPS, in fact, police only went through the process I guess to pacify him.

It is quite comical how George Vella has not posted anything further about this.

Police have confirmed they are now pursuing criminal allegations against George Vella.


The more George Vella and Neil Wilkes post malicious falsehoods, the more their malice will be made public.


  1. From reading this article what am I concluding ?? That a person is consistently watching two individuals for what reason ?? Also I read they we’re ina pub with a police officer….was a police officer named ? So your assuming it’s Jo Daly ….. then they mention being a station together with jo “daily”
    ?? Daily express perhaps ?? …. so somebody has wrote to the police to complain
    And demand information about a conversation between 2 people and demand whereabouts of an officer with a similar name because they guessed it must be them ……sounds like the person who wrote this article is the person wasting time and police resource …… in what way would what was said affect them or cause alarm and distress what are we missing here ????? After reading another article it’s clear that the OP has a massive problem with someone called George Vella and going on the paragraphs upon paragraphs in that they seem to think that somebody cares ???? Grown adults playing battleships on the internet ???? Seems all very peculiar

    • What I find ironic is that you, using a TOR browser (your IP gives it away lol), claim that the OP has a problem (haha) yet you post from a fake IP and a fake email address. So, why would you be so concerned about Mr Vella and so secret about your identity?

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