Joel Rodwell of OTS News Southport


I have been informed by Smooth Law in that the Solicitor is NO LONGER representing Joel Rodwell.  I suspect they found out the truth of Joel Rodwell.

The Solicitor has confirmed that ‘Various’ people tried to contact them about the victim (Mr Ponting) and has confirmed they did NOT speak with them, however a person named Neil Wilkes has posted a comment saying he was contacted by the firm of solicitors and he spoke freely with them.  It is clear that Neil Wilkes is openly lying.

The following story will remain to show how far Joel Rodwell tried to go to harm one of his victims.
Joel Rodwell the owner of OTS news in Southport has decided to ‘try’ to sue me, a victim of Joel’s malice, for defamation… because I spoke the truth about the sick comments Joel Rodwell posted on OTS News.
Joel Rodwell who is a professional PGA golfer:
  1. Threatened me and followed through by posting a malicious sick comment on the OTS News in Southport website maliciously calling me a paedophile..!
  2. Joel Rodwell cowardly blamed his dead father (Phil Rodwell) for doing it.
  3. Posted an article defending thieves of my shop in Southport.

I spoke with his solicitor (Scott Birchall of Smooth Law Liverpool) who told me he has only spoken to Joel and based solely on Joel’s comments, with no evidence, (this call was recorded).  Then, without any supporting evidence of the allegation, sent the threatening letter below.

Joel Rodwell was investigated by Merseyside police and interviewed under caution.  Joel Rodwell denied sending the email even in light of the evidence below!

  • the malicious email was sent from Joel Rodwell’s personal email address (,
  • It was signed with his name.
  • It contained his personal mobile number (07581 350 321).
  • The threat was followed through by a posting, via Joels Facebook account to Joel Rodwells OTS News Facebook page
  • Finally, a comment was posted to the website that Joel owns.

Although there are multiple levels of authentication on different accounts, Joel Rodwell still denied sending it and even implicated his dying father, Phil Rodwell who was on his deathbed in a hospice at the time!

The icing on the cake was that the threatening email was sent via Joel’s private email account and this has ‘header’ information.  This information contains the route of the email, the IP address was associated with a residence in Merseyside, yet Merseyside police fools said it was from America!  Joel was investigated for Malicious Communications, an indictable offence yet police blunders harmed the investigation.

IP Address used by Rodwell

The IP address was (never before published) which ironically a botched Police investigation said was from the USA…!   The header trace of this email shows 100% conclusively that the IP is Sky UK, in Liverpool, unsurprisingly the same location as Joel Rodwell.  Merseyside categorically stated numerous times that the Merseyside Police High Tech Crime Unit (HTCU) investigated the IP address and came up with this ‘assumption’ when a simple web check shows it was and still is a UK, IP owned by Sky UK and the resident being in Merseyside.  Click here for an alternative IP tracker giving the same location… How did police make such a glaring error!

To chuck a spanner in the works, after Joels ‘alibi’ (Phil Rodwell) had died, I arranged for an email exchange with OTS News to pretend to request advertising.  Joel Rodwell took the bait and entered into a conversation.  The communication to Joel was sent at random times and each reply from Joel was traced and surprise surprise, the email header was from the same Sky UK IP address range.  This information was provided to Merseyside police who, screwed up again.

Even Inspector Susan Ennis of Merseyside Police confirmed in this recorded conversation that evidence suggested ‘circumstantially’ that Joel Rodwell was the offender!

This botched investigations by police resulted in a long-winded police complaint which has uncovered that Merseyside police had ‘maliciously’ posted false information about the victim on the police system saying he was a ‘criminal’ which is 100% untrue, it also stated that Joel Rodwell had no record.

The IOPC (formerly IPCC) has upheld this complaint against Merseyside police.

This falsifying of information has resulted in a civil claim against Merseyside police for a data breach of a crime victim and the data no doubt led police to side with Rodwell as opposed to an alleged criminal!

Talk about an ‘unethical solicitor’ participating in harassment simply for money. Now that the truth has been posted about Joel Rodwell, he decides to enrol a solicitor!

This cowboy solicitor even makes a derogatory comment saying the local MP and Merseyside police only paid ‘lip service’. Nice comment from a ‘professional’ solicitor who has now been reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

I have dozens of emails from the MP of Southport at the time (John Pugh MP and Cllr Tony Dawson) regarding the malicious actions of Joel Rodwell and the lack of action by Police.

Please contact me if you have been targetted by Joel Rodwell or OTS News in Southport.

Hopefully, if Joel decides to take this to court, I will have the opportunity to present dozens of pages of evidence to prove that only the truth was spoken and this will have some questions asked in court.

If Joel Rodwell does not like the truth being spoken, the solution is simple. 

All he needs to do is apologise for the malicious comments he made about me on his OTS News site where he made the malicious comments.  Nothing fancy, just an apology and I will happily let this drop.




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