Sky Evans from Wolverhampton


The Illiterate Darren Hogan who is the perpetrator behind this conspiracy to attack this business has just happened to post a comment referring to ‘the SKY’.  (beautifull [sic]…)

An obvious reference to man-hater Sky Evans by this evil troll, Darren Hogan who has cautions for child abuse.



I have been told that Sky Evans has made contact with her victim on Facebook..!  The victim she left a false malicious review about.  The stupid woman has no idea what she is doing.  She was asked if was her IP address.  She denied this point blank.  She said she does not even have Wifi.  She was sent a special link, she clicked it which revealed and confirmed her IP address.  Guess what, it WAS  So, she is a liar.


Ironically Sky Evans says she is from Liverpool (near us) and in Manchester.  The silly woman sent a screenshot of the login info of her facebook account (below), look where it says she is… Wolverhampton!  – Yet another lie by this evil man-hating woman.

Also thanks for the heads up of being on GiffGaff, this will help further investigations.

Oh, and remember she does not have Wifi?  check the active Wifi icon on the screenshot she sent!

Yet another lie by Sky Evans from Wolverhampton.


Sky Evans sent her victim the following

why is my father messaging me saying me and my daughter are all over pubchat ????

Well, this webpage is not yet indexed (as of 11:20am 18/9/2019).

curious about how your father found this page.  Maybe you could provide his IP so we can verify this?

And why would your father just happen to find ‘Pub Chat’ over the other 100 billion webpages?    Maybe your father’s computer needs to be checked to validate yet another lie.  Seems Shy Evans is a compulsive liar.


This is Sky Evans, the sexist man-hater from Wolverhampton with a number of ‘filters’ applied.  The real look is as per the main picture.

Today, she left a false malicious review about a company in Ormskirk, Lancashire.

She is a liar and a disgrace.

The review left by Sky Evans is as follows


This malicious review has been reported to the police as Sky Evans is obviously linked with Darren Hogan or Hugh Abercrombie.  Both Darren Hogan and Hugh Abercrombie have criminal convictions for targetting the business owners and now their associates are doing their dirty work for them.

Darren Hogan has police cautions for Child Abuse.  Hugh Abercrombie knowingly allowed Darren hogan to work with children in his matrial arts club in Wolverhampton, Wolves BJJ

Sky Evans facebook profile indicates she is from Liverpool, but on closer inspection, she is Linked to the West Midlands.  Screenshots have been collected and Sky Evans has been reported to the police for the post which amounts to harassment amongst other things.

As you can see from the main photo, she has a ‘distinctive look’ but does tend to disguise herself with vast amounts of make-up.


Sky Evans from Wolverhampton has an obvious hatred for men.  An unknown man refers to her as a Sexist raising a child to hate me.

Based on the fact she has left a malicious and false review on a business wall, it would seem that Sky Evans is a sexist.  One day her child will grow up to see what her mother was really like.


This is a facebook post by Sky Evans from Wolverhampton shows her as single.  Maybe this is because of her hatred for men and no one would go near her with a barge pole knowing how she lies about men.



9:49am on 18/9/2019 the malicious review left by Sky Evans has been removed.

Ironically, this was at the time a police statement is being taken.  The police did witness the review before it went and all evidence is in their hands.

Ironic the review was only removed after there was a visitor to this page from Wolverhampton.

The visitors IP address – Is this you Sky Evans?


Further details will be added.

If anyone has any information about this vile pos woman, please post it below.


DISCLAIMER – This post is due to Lancashire police refusal to help repeat victims of crime.