The Saga of George Vella & Neil Wilkes -vs- Paul Ponting

For those that do not know, George Vella, from Bedfordshire, and Neil Wilkes. from Wolverhampton, are desperately trying to ‘bring Paul Ponting down‘ (a phrase George Vella has previously posted on social media).

In their attempts, they have brought a Private Prosecution against Mr Ponting and are also trying to sue him in the civil courts for ‘libel slander‘ (which isn’t actually a civil tort). They have also reported Mr Ponting repeatedly to the police. Unsurprisingly Lancashire Police jumped on the bandwagon (they didn’t take much persuading as Mr Ponting was recently awarded £35,000 in a successful civil claim against them

Vella and Wilkes seem to have forgotten all the malicious lies they have posted about Mr Ponting over the years which, in legal representations expressed to police, should have seen them locked up, but no, Lancashire police have turned a blind eye. No surprise there! If by any chance any of these cases ever makes it to trial (and that day will be most welcome), all their posts and prior conduct will be disclosed in court!

George Vella likes to post updates in his Facebook group called ‘Police Corruption and Wrongdoing‘, which is ironic really, because he is forever running to the police crying about Mr Ponting, yet Vella runs this Facebook group attacking the police.  What is more ironic is that both George Vella and Neil Wilkes are part of a police task force called ‘Operation Malaya‘ that was shut down by CPS, raising the question, why are George Vella and Neil Wilkes in bed with Lancashire police?

George Vella reiterates that his Facebook group ‘Police Corruption and Wrongdoing‘ is a ‘news group’ yet the only thing he posts as announcements are about Mr Ponting.

As the wider public cannot see George Vella’s updates we thought we would post them here as they come. Take them with a pinch of salt. We will also be adding updates about these cases ourselves, as and when we get them. It’s only fair to hear a story from both sides.

Vella is insistent in keeping his feud with Ponting going, by continually posting about him.  He complains about anything written about him yet keeps posting about others.

Vella also likes to search the internet for Mr Ponting’s name to try to find anything he could post that he thinks is funny and could entertain his ‘followers’. He found a hilarious clip from The Two Ronnies. It’s so funny, it actually says ‘Ponting’ in it. Well done George, very childish though. Got any more?

Anyway, here are Vella’s updates so far:


The farcical George Vella then posts a follow up, going so far as to explain to his follows how he is ‘Mr popular’, with his Christmas day meal for one and a can of larger[sic].  Then boasting of buying a pub (lol) in a Police Corruption and Wrongdoing Facebook group!

Funny thing is, he would never dare post a link to this page for fear his followers will see the truth.   If you saw his Facebook group, you would see that anyone that ever stood up for Mr Ponting is quickly removed from the group and their comments deleted.