A new announcement by George Vella about a private prosecution

A little evidence to show all the sheep how Mr Vella publishes ‘twisted versions of the truth‘.

The following is 100% verifiable facts.

  • Mr Vella has removed dozens of malicious articles from his Facebook group.
  • The articles that must be served as unused material.  The court has been notified.
  • Mr Vella has notified the court that there is NO UNUSED MATERIAL.

The private prosecution will be correctly reported on via this webpage by those that actually attend.


on the 19th July, Mr Vella posted a ‘sweetened’ version of events on Facebook.

Our private prosecution in Sefton Magistrates’ Court in Merseyside went ahead today 19-07-2019. The defence solicitor made a few applications all of which were refused by the judge. People seemed surprised we wasn’t there when they had been told in advance by Neil Wilkes For some reason the defence has asked the CPS to get involved and we have already spoken with them weeks ago and hopefully they will takeover and prosecute to save us from doing it. We got the case adjourned until the 30th August 2019 when we have to attend in person. The defence objected to that too but the judge decided our case goes on.



A few corrections. This was before the 19-07-2019

The CPS was notified by the defence on ‘issue of the summons’.

The CPS requested all evidence from the prosecutors.  The prosecutors ‘refused’ to serve evidence.

This was the first contact with the prosecutors.

The prosecutors also refused to serve evidence on the defence.

The District Judge criticised the prosecutors and made a COURT ORDER that they serve evidence on all parties.

George Vella warned the court that if the CPS get involved, they will seek a RESTRAINING ORDER on the CPS.  Now Mr Vella seems to want the CPS to take their case.  It is clear from the hearing that they have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

Hearing 19-07-2019

Mr Wilkes had notified the court of an ‘illness’ the day before.

Mr Wilkes did not notify all parties.

Mr Wilkes made his excuses, he did NOT mention Mr Vella in these excuses.

Oddly, a few days before, Mr Wilkes had asked the defence to consider an ‘adjournment’ to allow CPS to get involved.  This was refused, then a couple of days later, a sick note was miraculously produced.  This was noted by the court.

Mr Wilkes had offered to drop the case with conditions. These conditions were not mentioned in court but were refused by the defence.

Mr Vella did not notify anyone, he just failed to attend court.

The court considered dismissing his case there and then but gave him ‘1 more chance’, only due to him being “in his 80’s” (this was stated by the Judge) and a statement made that he is “too old to travel” also stated by the Judge.

An application by the prosecutors to appear via Video Link was REFUSED by the Judge. She said she wants them there.

CPS made representations to the court that the evidence provided by the ‘prosecutors’ was full of gaps! and they requested a court order. The Judge agreed.

The judge then made a 2nd COURT ORDER against the prosecutors to serve their evidence in full.

A new hearing was then made.  It was made clear that if the prosecutors fail to attend again then the judge will consider using her power for want of prosecution.  A very rare ruling she stated.

The judge also suggests the prosecutors seek advice or representation from a solicitor.

The conduct of the prosecutors was discussed and noted in court.

George Vella made no mention in his Facebook comments that the court refused his request for a video link and have now made 2 court orders against both prosecutors for failing to follow the criminal procedure rules.


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Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
4 years ago

Neil wilkes fails to realise that george vella is the organ grinder and he is vellas monkey . Sad really as vella has done this before . Keyboard warrior who takes no responsibility for his own spite and hatred . Vella is not in his 80’s by a good few yrs . Never ever let someone shove their hand up your ass and get you to do their dirty work . If wilkes was ill (doubtful) then vella should have attended . Simples. Its only a matter of time before one or the other has to turn up next time… Read more »

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
4 years ago

80’s my arse .

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
4 years ago

So fucked in law but just fails to see it. See you again on the 30th mate . Happy to be a witness for the defence .

Adrian (Loots) Lutomski
Adrian (Loots) Lutomski
4 years ago

You may remember me 🙁 I am here to make peace and let you know some things that have been told to me by George Vella. Can I send them to you privately.